Top 50 best books you can start reading right now

Do you have an interest in reading books? Do you want to read books but don’t understand which is the best book to

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Karan Johar feels insulted by his ‘own film industry’? What did he allege?

A veteran, Karan Johar, in the Indian film industry with more than 25 years of practice, recently caught on to social media. It’s

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Crime and Investigation

Canada To Imprison Anyone Who Posted ‘Hatred Speech’ Online

Canada Imprison anyone a new law that seeks to battle online exploitation with sharp penalties for hate crimes, along with life imprisonment for

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World Affairs

Israel takes ‘operational control’ of Palestine Rafah border

The Israel military took ‘operational control’ of the Palestine area of the Rafah border passage between Egypt and the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

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Tesla layoffs another notice as workers enter 4th week of work cuts

Elon Musk persists in cutting deeper at Tesla. The company, Tesla sent out a new round of layoffs notices on Sunday night. Tesla

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Met Gala 2024: Who wore the most expensive dress?

In certain loops, the terms ‘the initial Monday in May’ and ‘the Met Gala 2024’ have turned out to be identical. It was

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Air cabs from Delhi to Gurugram will start soon, Check price

As per the most recent progress, you will shortly be able to travel in air cabs from Delhi to Gurugram. The time will

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IT companies Cognizant, and Capgemini employed 1.5 lakh fewer employees in 2023

The collective hiring by IT majors Cognizant and Capgemini internationally turned down 151,607 employees in 2023 as contrasted to 2022, as per their

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Social Media

Social Media Platforms face challenges in Business Expansion in India

Over the preceding decade, India has befallen a spotlight for many public apps. India, the most populous country in the world presents reach to more

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Energy & Environment

Top 4 Most Abundant Element in the Earth’s Atmosphere

The earth’s atmosphere consists of lots of mysteries. It consists of lots of gasses, water vapors, minerals, etc which ultimately support life on

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