US election 2020 a complete report

A complete report on US election 2020 – Trump vs Biden

Most probably we will not get the result on election day on the same day. For millions of Americans, the epidemic has caused voting in...
Muslim terrorism - Macron said

Under the French President Macron- Property Act, Muslims can be shut down

Prophet Mohammed's cartoons may shock the wands, but their duty is to protect the people and its freedoms, and its authority, French President Macron...
India tops in air safety

India tops air security in the world: Ministry of Civil Aviation

India is the best country in terms of its air safety. The country has one of the best air safety indicators in the world said,...
Indian startups struggling

Why are Indian startups struggling due to the India-China dispute?

While Indian startups are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. On the other hand, Indian startups are facing conflict due to the...

California shattered badly by numerous major crisis Dry lighting, Wildfire, Covid19

California is one of the states which has experienced the worst ever year. Amidst the pandemic fight, the State has seen a lot of...
Over the last 20 years, Mali has mostly been a model of stability in a fragile region

Are US Africa Relations Coordial ?

News of a coup in West Africa was commonplace in the 1980s and 1990s, but in the last two decades it is a sufficiently...
This lockdown has brought optimism in the minds and faces of couples who are pregnant during lockdown.

Smiles on the faces of pregnant couples during lockdown

During this lockdown, when there is so much distress and anguish in minds, here are some couples whose lives have been filled with hope....
Taiwan buys a US F-16 Fighter jet in a $62 billion, 10-year deal.

Taiwan Buys a US F-16 Fighter Jet amidst all tension

Amid Ongoing Tensions with China, Taiwan finalized a purchase of F-16 fighter jets from US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Taiwan buys a US F-16...
Israel signs historic deal with UAE that will 'suspend' West Bank annexation

Israel signs historic deal with UAE that will ‘suspend’ West Bank annexation

Trump hails US-brokered pact as ‘peace agreement’ but cracks quickly appear as Netanyahu denies change of plan. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have...
Indo-China border 1962

Is Indo-Sino war inevitable?

After a clash between Indian & Chinese armies in Galwan Valley on 14-15 June 2020, the possibility of a full-fledged war between the two...

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