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The Power of Snacking: How Eating Nuts and Seeds Daily Can Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

A new study suggests that eating a handful of nuts and seeds can reduce your risk of heart disease by 25%. According to the study, nuts lower cholesterol levels and are linked to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. The researchers said nuts’ fatty acid composition is one reason. While nuts cannot be […]

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New Study Links Long Covid with Increased Risk of Face Blindness

A study suggests that prolonged symptoms of COVID-19 may be associated with difficulties recognising faces, a condition called face blindness, and navigation issues. In previous studies, COVID-19 has been shown to cause a range of neurological problems, including loss of smell and taste, as well as impairments in attention, memory, speech, and language, or “brain […]

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Pfizer Acquires Seagen: What Does This Multibillion-Dollar Deal Mean for the Biotech Industry?

A $43 billion deal has been reached between Pfizer and Seagen. The Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer has agreed to pay USD 43 billion for biotech Seagen and its pioneering cancer drugs. In the deal, Pfizer will pay USD 229 in cash per share, according to the drugmaker. The deal, which includes debt, is […]

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How Music Affects Our Life, Body, Mood, and Mind

“Have you ever wondered why a particular song can make you feel ecstatic or calm you down instantly? Or have you noticed how music sets the tone for social gatherings, sporting events, or even religious ceremonies? Well, it’s no secret that music has powerful effects on our life. But just how significant is its impact? […]

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International Women’s Day 2023: Pledge for a digital solution to gender equality!

Nowadays, with the help of technology and innovation, gender equality can easily be practiced. Omen can study online, work online and train online. If they are in villages, they are doing their best by becoming an online tutor, YouTubers, software developers, managers, and so on.  Theme of the Year As the theme of this IWD, […]

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A new discovery by Scientists say that cold-blooded animals may extinct due to climate change

Scientists claim that Climate change is affecting everyone. Animals are no exception. There are chances that cold-blooded animals like insects, worms, reptiles, fish, and amphibians may face the risk of extinction as they cannot bear extreme heat due to global heating. Although, warm-blooded animals like mammals and human-beings are able to adapt with the temperature […]

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What can we expect at World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi?

Organised by National Book Trust(NBT) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), the 31st World book fair 2023 has many things to offer. Nowadays, when we are living more in the virtual world than the real world, then real books bring us back to reality. Hence, it is our prime responsibility to secure our present and future by visiting and promoting such fairs, which start from February 25 th and will end by March 5th between 11am to 8 pm. So, we have only 2 more days to go.  

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4 Foods to Avoid if You Have Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition that can cause a number of symptoms, such as tiredness, weight gain, and depression. While there are conventional therapies for hypothyroidism, there are certain natural remedies and lifestyle modifications you can do to support your thyroid health, one of the most important of which is changing your diet. If you have […]

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How to be strong at board exam?

If you feel good about studying, then you will naturally be confident while facing exams, as you are well prepared for the same. Be responsible for what you are, then see the magic everywhere!

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Blood sugar rises up to 10 times due to these unhealthy habits

India is considered the Diabetes capital of the world because it has 17% of diabetics in the world. The total number of blood sugar patients is approximately 80 million and is expected to reach 135 million in 2045. So, let’s understand how to control 10 unhealthy habits to bring things on the fitness track.  1. […]

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