Mobile Overpass Bridge: Why India needs to use this technology to solve traffic problem?

Mobile Overpass Bridge

Mobile overpass bridge can be a technology which can help India to solve the traffic-jam problem in the country.

In a recent, a video has gone viral on social media where Mobile Overpass Bridge technology is being used while constructing a road without disturbing the traffic on the road, renowned businessman and chairperson of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra, shared on his Twitter or X platform.

Switzerland’s Federal Roads Office (Astra) and its engineers have developed an amazing thing called the ‘Astra Bridge’ or Mobile Overpass Bridge. It’s at the time when they carry out repair work in the Swiss area of Recherswil-Luterbach on a highway to Zurich. The job is being completed on the A1 highway. It is the busiest highway in Switzerland.

The videotape of the mobile bridge shared by the Federal Roads Office FEDRO (Switzerland) went viral on X. Its after several vastly followed accounts reposted the video. Indian capitalist Anand Mahindra also posted the video.

What is Mobile Overpass Bridge?

 “A Mobile Overpass Bridge – It allows the work to carry on without traffic being disrupt. Like everything innovative, it looks so apparent after it is establish. Can we make this ‘standard operating procedure’ please?” Anand Mahindra alleged.

Astra alleged the A1 road is prone to traffic jams and slowdowns. At least 73,000 motor vehicles run along the division per day with 82,000 vehicles on peak days.

However, the organization pointed out that using the Astra Bridge. They phrased it as a ‘mobile construction site’, ‘nothing has changed’ in expressions of the traffic stream.

The Astra Bridge permits the building work on the highway without major disturbance to traffic flow. Unlike conventional construction sites that reroute the traffic into the opposite lane leading to major slowdowns, the Astra Bridge assists in maintaining the constant traffic flow.

FEDRO writes, ‘Although the work is made under the bridge, the traffic over the bridge is moving in the two lanes at 60 km/h.’ It’s been in service for two years currently. Its modular mechanism is truck to site and accumulate. It is creating a prominent roadway that permits the workers to recur 100 meters of roadway at a moment. Its while traffic flows above your head, unhindered.

Why we need this technology to avoid traffic-jam problems in India?

We all know that India is one of the most populated countries of the world. There always remains lots of vehicle traffic on the roads, especially in the metro cities, which sometimes cause accidents, breakouts etc. So in order to decrease such issue to some extinct, Indian infrastructure should consider its usage for the smooth functioning and to avoid any such mis-happenings.

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