The Kerala Story: A true event or something else?

The Kerala Story

Bollywood’s latest release “The Kerala story” has sparked  widespread debate and divided opinions around the world due to the incidents shown in  the movie. But why is it so? People are either supporting or opposing it due to it’s portrayal of Hindu and Christian women converting and being admitted to ISIS. The film was released on 5 May 2023. 

What is ISIS?

ISIS known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a group which emerged in early 2000s gaining prominence in 2014 when it declared the establishment of a caliphate, claiming authority over all Muslims worldwide. ISIS follows a radical interpretation of Sunni Islam. The goal of ISIS is to establish a strict form of Islamic governance in the territories it controls. The ISIS group has been widely condemned by the International community for its brutal tactics and human right abuses.

Director’s Point of View

Coming back to the movie the director of the movie “Stupido Sen” says that “I am not showing any religion in the bad light” but just showing the truth”. He also says that movie does not show Love Jihad and “The Kerala Story’ has only criticized the terrorism angle, showing how girls are being trapped and cheated in the name of love.” He made this statement when after the trailer launch the filmmakers received the allegations of showing a particular religion in bad light. 

Political Supports to’The Kerala Story’

The “Bharatiya Janata Party” has sent some aids to filmmakers of The Kerala Story. And many of chief ministers of BJP led States have showed their support by coming in screening of the film. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the film The Kerala Story exposes brutal terrorism and organizations in the name of religion. The Assam CM also appealed people to watch film specially girls and urged parents to keep a check on their children friends.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also supported the film saying the Kerala state is so beautiful where people are very talented and hard working. And the film has exposed the terror conspiracies happening in the state.

Controversies related to film

  1. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took a dig at makers saying they are spreading propaganda.
  2. Shashi Tharoor, leader of the Congress party, accused makers of distortion of the state reality.
  3. Mr. Tharoor put out a tweet offering a whopping Rs 1 crore to anyone who can prove that the incidents shown in the movie were true.
  4. Ban on film  in several States like West Bengal and Kerala too saying the film promotes hate for a religion.
  5. Many petitions were signed against the film’s release reaching the Supreme Court on grounds of spreading the worst hate speech and audio-visual.
  6. The biggest controversy in the film was of the figure 32,000. The film States that almost 32,000 women were converted but some say it’s not 32,000 but 3.

Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court has ordered filmmakers of Kerala Story to ensure that the film carries a disclaimer warning that it’s fictionalized account of events but not the truth. And there is no claim that the 32,000 women were converted. Also, the ban on the movie The Kerala Story in West Bengal has been released but the disclaimer should be there.

Box Office Collection of ‘The Kerala Story’

The movie “The Kerala Story” has till now crossed Rs 175 crore at the box office and is now expected to cross Rs 200 crore. It’s just been 15 days since the release.The film stars Adah Sharma, Sonia Balani,Yogita Bihani, and Siddhi Idnani. Directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah.  

The film has emerged as the Second biggest hit of the year. 

According to the industry trackers, Kerala story has recorded single digit collections for the first time since its release of Rs 8.03 cr. On second Tuesday, the film earned Rs 9.80 cr taking the total collection to Rs 156.84 as per daily estimates. It is estimated that the film will do more business in upcoming days. 

People Opinions on Movie

As mentioned, the film has divided people into two opinions. Majority of the audience says that the film is a must watch and it’s such an impactful movie that it gives goosebumps. An eye opening movie. While some of them said that the film actually promoted hatred for a particular religion. Look at some of the responses below.

And many more. After the movie release many victims had come forward and shared their story which indeed makes us think that are we even worthy to call ourselves as humans.?

The Kerala Story: Separating Fact from Fiction

The Question which remains is film based on truth? Or it’s just fiction. The answer is yes the film is based on truth but the director had given a fictional touch at the last. The story of the victim which was shown was true and in the end of the movie the victim’s parents appear and reveal that when they tried to take out their daughter from the agency the government website didn’t even exist. The main victim is still under ISIS in their jail. Not only this there are many such victims which have gone through this and their interviews are available on Social platforms.

Well not only this the yazidi girls who are prisoners of ISIS also revealed how they are tortured and turned as slaves.

There is one twitter account also who is Yazidi and now reveals the situation of girls who are forcefully kidnapped and put into ISIS.

But talking about “The Kerala Story” The incident only took place with 3 women. The story is true but with fiction. When asked the director about the figure he just turned down the talk and said I will tell after the release.

But why are we giving attention to figures only when there are so many cases has already been revealed in interviews available on Youtube. These are the cased which were revealed – what happened to those which are not yet? Just because the not available of exact figures we can refuse the truth, it’s not just about particular religion, it is about the ISIS – how they are targeting the women of different religions to establish their terror around the world.

People should support the movie and help the government to expose the group behind this.

Moral of the Film

Even if the incident happened with 3 women in Kerala. The incidents shown are true and it still happens in many parts to which most of us are unknown. ISIS is a terror organization which is harmful to the society. Government is surely trying their best to destroy it but some steps should be taken soon. And the message from the Movie “The Kerala Story” is never trust any Stranger and do listen to your parents. And if someone forces opinions on you related to religion stay away from them.

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