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Top 10 Look Alike Celebrities You’ve Got To See

Look Alike Celebrities

Double-takes are a thing of the past! Watch out for these incredible celebrity doppelgängers, which will have you checking three times! Check out the craziest celebrity look-alikes and vote on whether you agree that the pairings look alike.

Most of us have a doppelganger somewhere out there. People of all walks of life are running into their look-alikes. Even celebrities.

It’s not uncommon to misinterpret Bryce Dallas Howard as Jessica Chastain. The fans believe that the two were separated at birth because they share such a similarity.

In case you’ve ever felt like you’re seeing double, these pairs of celebrities may be to blame.

1. Rihanna and Priscila Beatrice

Apparently, there are actually TWO Rihannas in this world. Priscila Beatrice’s TikTok video is a testament to Rihanna’s identical twin status, and it couldn’t possibly be any more convincing. She posted a video of herself recreating Rihanna’s style from the 2019 British Fashion Awards. Take a look:

2. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher: Look Alike Celebrities

It is frequently difficult to distinguish the two “Arrival” and “Bachelorette” actors despite their different eye colors. The Allure cover story Fisher wrote in January 2009 joked about the duo’s striking resemblance.

According to Fisher, “if ‘Shopaholic’ is a hit, then Isla Fisher starred in it. If not, Amy Adams was in it.” 

Her Christmas cards fooled friends and family alike when she used Adams’ photo.

3. Susan Sarandon and Sigourney Weaver

Sarandon pointed out that the two actresses get mistaken for one another at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2016.

She continued, “I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. She may have left the stage, but we are two different people. I took credit for ‘Alien’ many times, and she took my autograph.”

She suggested Weaver is her “bad-assery alter ego” in a 2014 op-ed.

4. Lili Reinhart and Sarah Gadon

Lili’s eyes widened when she spotted a photo of herself on her Instagram discover page in a movie that she hasn’t even appeared in! When Lili came across this photo from Kit Harrington’s movie The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, she found her past reincarnated. There is such a resemblance, in this image, between the actress opposite the actor from Game of Thrones, and Lili, even the actress got confused.

5. Emma Watson and Kiernan Shipka

It’s not just their bold brows, brown eyes, and sweet smiles that these two actresses have in common. Quite the opposite actually. Emma Watson started her acting career playing Hermione in Harry Potter, and Kiernan Shipka will play Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Riverdale’s spin-off, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

6. Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez

As a teenager, the “Pretty Little Liars” actress was often mistaken for the singer and would play along with it. 

Hale said that when she was younger she loved Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Usually, I would correct them when they did but there was one time at the airport this older woman asked me if she could take a picture with me, and I thought that she thought I was Lucy.”

After, she began listing off the projects of mine that she liked and I realized that she mistook me for Selena, and I quickly went along with it since I didn’t want to upset her.”

In addition to Hale, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams are women who have a similar aesthetic in Hollywood.

7. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

It’s no secret that fans get the actresses mixed up.

In 2015, Chastain said during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, “Our first time we looked in the mirror together was when we filmed ‘Help.'” The actress continued, “The first time we saw each other, we realized we looked the same.”

In the same interview, she recounts how she sometimes just goes with it when mistaken for the “Jurassic World” star. However, both of them are being good sports and have tried to clear up all the confusion. 

Here’s Howard’s short dubsmash clip where she introduces people to each other. Her Instagram post caught Chastain’s eye. On Twitter, Chastain pranked people for not being able to tell them apart with a funny image she shared in May 2015.

8. Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice: Look Alike Celebrities

If Victoria Justice had portrayed Elena Gilbert’s evil doppelgänger Katherine in The Vampire Diaries, the CW could have saved a ton of money in the special effects department.

9. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

A drum-off took place between comedian Jim Gaffigan and drummer Red Hot Chili Pepper in 2014 after they realized how similar they looked. They even wore similar clothes.

10. Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon: Look Alike Celebrities

Matt Damon admits he occasionally confuses the actor from “Transformers” with himself. “Martian” actor Mark Wahlberg and Wahlberg discussed the confusion with Absolute Radio in 2013.

Mark told me this because people always come up to him and say, “I love you in Bourne Identity,” he said. In the event that we are mistaken for the other, we will be as polite as possible.

In fact, Damon claimed to have even signed the letter as Mark’s.

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