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10 Top Sports Clothing Brands in India

top sports clothing brands in india

The sportswear industry in Indian is growing very quickly. The awareness of people about fitness and sports has increased immensely in the last few years. A CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12 percent is predicted for the sportswear industry by the year 2021. Top Sports Clothing Brands in India are experiencing growth due to changing lifestyles, growing wealth, and increasing urbanization. 

You don’t want your workout clothes to interfere with your workout. Because of this, there are many brands that take great care in designing sportswear that will fit like a second skin and let you enjoy your workout as well. Here are the top 10 sports clothing brands in India:

1. Nike

Sports apparel manufacturer Blue Ribbon Sports was the largest American brand at first. Athletes have also used it to boost their voices and the brand is even well-known among hip hop fans.

Products include shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tights, skirts, pullovers, skirts, socks, kid’s clothing, perfume, deodorants, and sports accessories.

You can buy it on,,,,,,,, and

Gender: Men and Women

Specialty: Athletic footwear, apparel, and sporting equipment

2. Puma

German sports brand that competed with Adidas. The Puma shoe brand, however, is one of the world’s top three brands after Adidas and Nike. It has also sponsored two IPL teams, cricketers, a golf team, and a football team.

Clothing Range: Ladies belly shoes, training kits, T-shirts, track pants, tracksuits, jackets, hoodies, winter wear, men’s trousers, chinos, women’s sports bras, shorts, capris, kid’s clothing belts, digital watches, and other products.

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Gender: Men and Women

Our specialties: football boots, shoes, and jerseys

3. Adidas

Adidas is a multi-billion-dollar German company that began by designing shoes. It is the second-largest company in the world in manufacturing sportswear and one of the top sports clothing brands in India. Adidas often referred to as All Day I Dream About Sports, but it is actually the amalgamation of the Adidas founder’s name ‘Adolf Dassler’ Adi (nickname of Adolf) and Das (from Dassler).

Merchandises Range: Socks, Caps, Bags, Backpacks, Gloves, Yoga Mets, Headbands, Wristbands, Armbands, Performance Bottles, Clutches, Wallets, Balls, Shin Guards, Scarfs, Smart Watches, Women Tops, T-shirts, Shorts, Pants & Tights, Sports Shoes, FlipFlops, Slippers, Floaters, Sandals, Track Pants, Jerseys, Sports Bra, Jumpsuits, Jackets, Chappals, Casual Shoes, Sneakers, Loafers, Sweatshirts, Tracksuits.

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Gender: Men and Women

The company specializes in footwear, bags, and apparel.

4. Reebok

When J.W. started in England, it sold spiked shoes to athletes. The company that changed to Reebok was originally called Fosters & Sons. The company is a subsidiary of Adidas and sponsors a number of IPL teams and the Indian Football club. It even launched Weeboks, a clothing brand for children.

Merchandises Range: Shoes, flip flops, t-shirts, track pants, track jackets, bags, women capris, sports bra, bags, caps, sunglasses.

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Gender: Men and Women

The company specializes in athletic shoes, kit, and equipment.

5. Fila

Founded in Italy, Fila is a sportswear manufacturer owned by tycoons in South Korea. At first, the Fila brothers manufactured underwear, but the brand gained recognition only after they began producing sportswear.

Products: Track pants, three-fourths, shorts, tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts, women’s tops, outwear, shoes, sandals, bags.

Where to Buy:,,,,,,,,, and

Gender: Men and Women

Specialty: Clothing and shoes


ASICS manufactures footwear and sports equipment worldwide. A healthy body with a healthy soul is the meaning of the acronym ASICS. Your workout will be enhanced by the quality of our products.

Products: Shoes, sneakers, tracksuits, shorts, track pants, jackets, hoodies, tees, tights, three-fourth tights, sports bras.

Buying options include,,,,,,

Gender: Men and Women

Specialized in footwear and sporting equipment.

7. Columbia

Manufacturer and distributor of sportswear and outerwear in the United States. The brand uses the latest technology and designs fabulous outerwear as well as products that are designed with the customer’s comfort in mind.

Merchandises Range: Footwear, jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts, vests, T-shirts, women’s dresses and skirts, winter wear, camping equipment, headgear, ski apparel, fishing and also golf apparel, socks, caps, hats, mittens, bags, watches.,,, and Columbia are some good places to buy.

Gender: Men and Women

Specialty: Outerwear and sportswear

8. HRX

The Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan joined forces with HRX, a lifestyle brand that aims to motivate people to meet their goals and stay healthy. The collection combines style and substance.

Range of products: sports shoes, casual wear, tights, jacket, track pants, capris, jeans, sports shorts, three-fourths, bags, belts, wallets, perfume

Also, shop at,,

Gender: Men and Women

Specialty: Casual wear and sportswear

9. Yepme

Fashion brand Yepme aims to provide its customers with a modish collection of clothing. In addition to fashion clothing, it also offers sportswear for both men and women.

Merchandise range: ethnic wear for women, western wear for men, and sporting wear such as vests, track pants, shorts, tracksuits.Wristwatches for sports,,, are also places to purchase

Gender: Men and Women

Fashion clothing is their specialty

10. Prettysecrets

Prettysecrets offers lingerie and clothing for women. Also, it is one of the top online stores for lingerie and offers trendy, vibrant collections for its customers.

Product range: leggings, cropped leggings, loungewear, shorts, camis, tank top, sports bra, and more!,,,,,, are also places to buy.

Gender: Women

Specialty: Lingerie

The list of Top Sports Clothing Brands in India ends here. Get inspired with them and do it.

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