The Rolex is a well-known brand in the world which has maintained its reputation in the market from a very long time. It is the first choice of celebrities and business people.

Rolex Watches
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When we talks about watches the first names that comes in our mind is ‘Rolex’. We all knew that ROLEX is the most expensive brand in the world. Not only expensive but it is most popular and luxurious brand in the world. The Rolex brand is the crown of people from every business class.

The Rolex is a well-known brand in the world which has maintained its reputation in the market from a very long time. It is the first choice of celebrities and business people.

Rolex does not require any identification as it has already maintained its position as the most popular brand in the world. Rolex maintained its class in the market worldwide. Rolex is Kennedy’s perfect Jewel, an essential choice of celebrities.

What Makes Rolex Watches So Special or Expensive?

We all know that Rolex watches are most expensive in the world but Do You Know… what are the reasons that makes Rolex so expensive in the world? Here are some factors/reasons making Rolex’s watches expensive:

1. Rolex Uses 904L Stainless Steel

Rolex watches are very different from other watches. Because, Rolex use 904L stainless steel and create super classic designs. The 904L stainless steel is the most strongest and shinier steel than other the other form of steels. Rolex is the only brand that uses 904L stainless steel in making watches while other brands use only 316L steel. This 904L steel is the most expensive steel which is difficult to make. Rolex has started using this steel in 2003 in order to give a luxurious look and hard metal design to the watch.

2. Rolex Has Multiple Research Facilities

Rolex brand has many research facilities in the world. Even Rolex very exceptional internal research and development department. Rolex has various professional laboratories and facilities where researchers and scientists work on new Rolex watches and manufacturing techniques.

They prefer to use only highly trained scientists in their laboratories. They also used different kinds of oil and lubricants to protect their machines.

3. Rolex Maintains the Importance of Mechanisation

Rolex is the world’s best watchmaker brand. The Rolex is not only the best, but it is also the most sought after watches of all time. Rolex also invested in large-scale machines, most of them in the form of robots. In the Rolex Master Supply Room, the company uses robots to assist in repetitive tasks such as packaging the parts containing trays as completing the assembly of Rolex watches. Even Rolex uses robots in the early stage of polishing watches.

4. Rolex is a Hand-Made Watch

Rolex is the first ever hand made watch brand. Most of the Rolex parts are hand-made, however, Rolex makes adequate use of the robot for the production work done by the machine. The robots make work quite simple in many ways such as sorting, cataloging, and filing. Whereas Clock tricks and bracelets are assembled by the hands only. Rolex watches are double-checked and tested by humans before being sent for certification. Rolex ensures the quality of every watch before selling to buyers.

5. Hydro-Test

Rolex submarine looks to confirm water resistance levels. Each Rolex watch is tested under pressurized tanks and then in real water.

Rolex Deep-Sea Watches often use a high-pressure water tank that has been specifically redesigned through XXX.

A group of gemologists to ensure that they always offer top luxury watches to their buyers. Rolex uses a vast team of gemologists to assist them in purchasing, testing, and installing precious materials, incorporating gold and diamonds on various luxurious models.

6. Rolex Use Traditional Jewellers

The Rolex brand maintains their luxury like they use traditional jewellers to lift and aid diamonds and precious stones by hand.

Although Rolex is the most expensive brand, it is the only brand to produce its own gold watches. Gold model Rolex watches are the most expensive watches in the world. Rolex usually purifies 24-carat gold to 18carat yellow gold and white gold to make pure gold watches.

Rolex Pricing Factors

Well, Rolex looks out for everyone. The prices of Rolex watches differ by models and collections. Resources and materials used during production also require consideration. These factors are included in the pricing of Rolex watches.

In 2018, fellow auction house Birmingham of England auctioned the Rolex 16610 Dalton. The Rolex submarine watch 16610 is estimated around in between $ 80000 – $ 120000.

If you are looking for a luxury watch at reasonable price then Rolex oyster is the watch that price starts from $3000. Even the auction price of some Rolex watches is the same as the Rolex 16610.

Rolex Daytona watch was the most expensive Rolex ever sold by Paul Newman’s for 17.8 million.

Rolex is the Most Luxurious Brand

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturers based in Geneva. Rolex watches are mainly made for certain categories of people. The role maintains its fortune in the market. That is the reason the watch is specially designed for those who has changed the history.

Rolex Watches are Used in Movies

Well, Rolex watches are the most wearable wristwatches in movies. Even in 1962, actor Sean Connery Ash Bond tracked Drake using the Rocks submarine 6358. No, and the film’s license to kill Timothy Dalton in 1989 made his film appearance date for the Rolex Submarine.

The conclusion

Rolex watches are completely authentic, elegant, accurate. Dressed Rolex is like wearing a shining star on his arm.

Producing these gorgeous watches is not an easy process, which requires the brand to take about a year so that the company can ensure the quality of its watches.

They did not believe in the short cut method to produce his watches. Rolex does not require attention from anyone. It is already a known brand all over the world! Rolex is basically worthy of those who actually change their history.



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