Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Most Dangerous Airports in the World

What are the most dangerous airports in the world? Do you remember holding onto the armrest of an airplane during turbulence, praying you will survive or at least know how to open up the parachute you never used?

The good news is that this isn’t often the case with destinations where people are more likely to travel. Meanwhile, landing and taking off are adventures for some. Airports like these are the most dangerous airports in the World. These places are dangerous but very exciting.

The Most Dangerous Airports in the World are listed below.

1. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Marteen

Princess Juliana Airport offers a stretch of beach right before its runway, keeping people on their toes. In addition to being a few feet above the people’s heads when it descends, the aircraft also blows sand into their faces. Surprisingly, we have not yet entered dangerous territory. In particular, the runway is too short for a cozy landing, with only 2,179 meters available.

2. Gibraltar International Airport

While we were children, we looked out of the window of the car as an airplane passed overhead. Gibraltar is not just a place you can observe but fear as it soars in your direction. There is a functional street at the beginning of the runway, which must be stopped during descents. Furthermore, both ends of the runway abruptly end at the sea.

3. Gisborne Airport

The road traffic in Gibraltar is dodged by Gisborne, but its runway and railway line intersect. To avoid unfortunate incidents it is important to take care of the schedules of the railways and airplanes in Gisborne if cars are halted at Gibraltar. Moreover, the airport only has one main runway and three grass runways.

4. Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

Like the place where it is located, the runway is also frozen. A frosted runway is only one of the reasons why pilots fear the airport. Winds and fog are common at this airport, which contributes to unfavorable landing conditions because of its location near the fjords. You should also be wary of the active volcanoes nearby, which are known to release ash randomly, further complicating runway problems.

5. McMurdo Air Station, Antarctica

Therefore, it is not surprising that the continent with the fewest flights has the least welcoming conditions or infrastructure to support a functioning runway. Even the runway is made of ice in the perpetually freezing climate. Without proper precautions, an amateur pilot could skid the aircraft on the smooth terrain. A plane’s weight can also cause a runway to crack, as it might crash. To navigate pitch nights, you need night vision goggles.

6. Barra International Airport, Scotland

Our dreams of relaxing on calming beaches are sparked by exhausting workdays. The phrase is taken quite literally at Barra International Airport. The Traigh Mhor airport is located on a sandy bay and is only five feet above sea level. Due to this, the runway can be submerged at high tide. In this case, the aircraft must follow a strict schedule and only attempt a landing under specific circumstances.

7. Wellington International Airport

From a height of piercing heights in an airplane, you might love admiring the clear, never-ending waters of the sea. You can do just that on this runway. As a result, the runway starts and ends at the sea from the start of the descent to the end. This 1836 meter stretch is worrisome. When descending mountains and strong winds are encountered, a pilot needs to navigate. Then just as you disembark, hurricane winds could hit you.

8. Paro Airport, Bhutan

With less than 20 pilots qualified to land on it, what should you expect? This pilot’s nightmare is surrounded by hills approximately 5,486 meters high and is located 2,225 meters above sea level.

Additionally, landing during daylight is forbidden because of the rough weather conditions- and the runway is not visible to the plane’s pilot; the aircraft has to be maneuvered 45 degrees before descending heavily.

9. Lukla Airport, Nepal

Tourism to the Himalayas has gained some notoriety due to the recent traffic on Mount Everest. The Everest trek has not been discouraged by this. Lukla Airport might be the one you need to experience if you ever decide to travel there- so be prepared. This runway is 527 meters short, making it considerably risky, even when the weather is favorable. In addition to the cliff on one side of the runway, another wall surrounds it.

Frequently, the pilots are forced to land without any assistance due to disruptions in the air traffic controllers’ communications. This combined with no lights makes for an ideal horror scenario.

10. Courchevel Airport, France

As you approach the Courchevel Airport, memories of the French Alps may be associated with danger, since they portray a picturesque landscape of frosty-tipped mountains and skiing. As bad as Lukla’s 527-meter runway is, Courchevel’s 518-meter runway is even worse. Further, the runway has an 18 percent down-gradient, meaning that airplanes must travel down the runway even as they take off, making both takeoffs and landings extremely risky.

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