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Helicopter Price in India 2024: 4 Seater, 6 Seater, and 8 Seater

Helicopter price in India

Hey, are you looking for helicopters in India? In today’s era, everybody wants to acquire a Helicopter but no one knows about the most modern helicopter price. Currently, in India 4 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, and 10 seater helicopters are accessible. Helicopter price in India, in 2024 begins from “3.7 crore to 79.9 crore”.

Various groups of society use helicopters for different uses. The rich people and business community mostly use helicopters for traveling purposes because of a shortage of time, in the Bollywood industry filmmakers use them in movie scenes so they just acquire them on rent, some use them for photography in marriages or related occasions, etc.   

Helicopter Market in India

Since the first social helicopter flapped in India in 1953, there has been timid development and this business is still in the blossoming phase. As of 2019, the nation had only 250 registered and equipped civil helicopters and not more than 1,000 helipads across the nation. But the year 2024 is observing extraordinary attention in this outstanding flying equipment, varying from the smooth 4 seater to luxurious 10 seater model.

helicopter market in India

The helicopter market in India is as varied as it is multifaceted, with prices prejudiced by numerous factors counting operational costs, import duties, and the point of comfort a buyer wishes.

Furthermore, rising tools such as “Taipei Self-Driving” regularly impact the vibrant market, promising additional development in aerial carrying solutions.

Prices of Helicopter in India

There are many special types of helicopters currently in the helicopter group, from a minute, single-seat model to a bulky, multi-engine helicopter model. Special brands and models of helicopters comprise diverse prices and they in addition have different competencies. 

4 Seater3.7 crore
6 Seater8 crore
8 Seater16 crore
10 Seater79.9 crore

The following shows a detailed description of the various helicopters that are the ones which are most desired in India:

Helicopter Price in India 4 Seater

The price of a 4-seater helicopter starts from 3.7 crore rupees to 20 crore rupees. For those undertaking helicopter possession or necessitating a compressed solution for rapid trips, the 4-seater helicopter categories offer some attractive options. In the 4-seater helicopter category, the trendy brands are the Robinson R44, Bell 407, and Airbus H130

helicopter price in India 4 seater
  • Flexibility and Use: Despite being the most reasonable, these 4 seater helicopters are flexible, and skilled to perform a variety of tasks, from private travel to aerial shooting, and even pilot schooling.
  • Upholding and Operational Expenses: Ahead of the purchase price, these models are famous for their comparatively lower upholding and operational expenses, making them as the most cheap option in the private helicopter marketplace.
  • Price series: The initial price for the cheapest 4 seater helicopter models in India is roughly from 3.7 crores, presenting a commercial answer for private or minute business aerial transport requirements.
  • Attractiveness and Resale Worth: Due to their accessibility and efficacy, the cheapest 4-seater helicopters uphold a stable popularity in India, which can add to a moderately constant resale worth in contrast to additional more luxurious models.
  • Accessibility: The low-cost 4-seater helicopter in India, such as the Robinson R44, proffers accessibility without negotiating the necessary features of personal flight, making it a striking entrance point for individuals fresh to helicopter possession.
ModelSeating CapacityPrice (in rupees)Maintenance CostComments
Robinson R4443.7 crores to 20 croreVery low maintenance costCheapest 4 seater alternative, perfect for private utilization or small trade.

Helicopter Price in India 6 Seater

The cost of a 6-seater helicopter ranges from 8 crore to 20 crore rupees or more, pivoting on a variety of factors such as trademark and model. AgustaWestland AW109 is recognized for its consistency and performance, with a price of approximately 8 crore rupees. Airbus H135 offers an airy cabin and outstanding visibility and a price of around 10 crore rupees. 

helicopter price in India 6 seater
  • Mid-Range comfort: In India, 6-seater helicopters, such as the AgustaWestland AW109 and the Eurocopter EC145, proffer a merge of relief and performance, placing them as a favored option for trade and wealthy families looking for mid-range comfort.
  • Price range: The price for a 6 seater helicopter in India normally begins around 8 crore, which varies based on the model, and further lavishness features.
  • Upholding and Operational Expenses: These models are famous for their moderate upholding and operational expenses, making them the mid-range option in the private helicopter marketplace.
  • Equipped elasticity: These helicopters are not only comfortable but also flexible, suitable for a range of uses, including managerial transport, urgent medical services, and vacation tours, offering equipped elasticity.
ModelSeating CapacityPrice (in rupees)Maintenance CostComments
AgustaWestland AW10968 croreModerateMid-range alternative presenting a stability of lavishness and performance.

Helicopter Price in India 8 Seater

When it appears to match capability with lavishness, 8-seater helicopters are an admired option among business and wealthy families.

helicopter price in India 8 seater

The 8-seater helicopter section includes models like the Bell 429 and the Airbus H135, which are renowned for their consistency and comfort. 

Prices for these models can vary notably, often starting at 35 crores, inclined by customization alternatives and equipped features.

Price range: The price for an 8 seater helicopter in India normally begins around 30-35 crore, which varies based on the model, and further lavishness features.

Models like the Bell 429 and the Airbus H135 are admired in this group.

Customization can comprise modified interiors, superior electronics, and comfort facilities.

ModelSeating CapacityPrice (in rupees)Maintenance CostComments
Bell 429 and the Airbus H135835 croreModeratePresents a stability of lavishness and outfitted with superior features and comfort facilities.

Helicopter Price in India 10 Seater

The worth of a 10-seater helicopter can start from 20 crore and go to 100 crore rupees.

helicopter price in India 10 seater

Sikorsky S-76 is a great alternative for commercial travel and urgent medical services, opening a cost of approximately 60 crore rupees

Airbus H155 is recognized for its airy cabin, outstanding variety, and high-weight capability, which costs around 80 crore rupees.

Leonardo AW139 offers a higher presentation and is used for VIP transportation and offshore business, costing about 100 crore rupees.

  • Prices for 10-seater helicopters in India can go beyond 60 crore rupees, depending on the customization.
  • Models like the Sikorsky S-76D and Bell 525 Relentless are admired in this group.
  • These helicopters symbolize the height of lavishness and space in personal flight.
  • Customization can comprise modified interiors, superior electronics, and comfort facilities.
ModelSeating CapacityPrice (in rupees)Maintenance CostComments
Sikorsky S-76 1060 croreComparatively high maintenance costIt symbolizes the peak of lavishness, is airy, and is outfitted with superior features.
Airbus H155 1080 croreComparatively high maintenance costAiry cabin, outstanding variety, and high weight capability.
Leonardo AW13910100 croreComparatively high maintenance costEventual in flying lavishness, customizable to the owner’s stipulation.

Top Helicopter Manufacturers, Dealers and Supplier in India

  • AIRBUS HELICOPTERS is the leading manufacturer of Helicopters in India. It, in 1962, signed an opening license agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). In 1970, this concord was extended to embrace the production of Lama Helicopters. Airbus constantly increases its supplier support, reflecting an imposing overall resource amount valued at roughly 4960 crores. 
  • Flying Birds Aviation is a top dealer for aircraft and Helicopters in India.
  • The other top Helicopter Manufacturers are Bell, Boeing, Sikorsky and Leonardo as per the report that has been added to 

Why do rich people use helicopters?

Rich people use helicopters for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Rich people value the handiness of helicopters present, providing straight entrance to exact locations without the restriction of planned flights or roadways. 
  • Rich people use helicopters for their supreme capability to save time, avoiding traffic and wrapping distances much quicker than cars.
  • The exclusive experiences and perceptions offered by helicopter journeys, such as mid-air views of scenery and cities, add a component of exploration and uniqueness to their daily life.
  • Privacy is an additional major benefit, as helicopters permit travel away from the open eye, guaranteeing a private and secret trip.
  • Helicopters offer matchless elasticity in travel plans, permits for unplanned trips, and urgent exits.
  • Helicopters are a powerful symbol of position and wealth, highlighting their owners’ achievement and rank in society.
  • Helicopters facilitate access to isolated or otherwise unreachable locations, breaching the potential for elite getaways or journeys.
  • The lavishness and comfort found in personal helicopters oppose that of the finest business flights, with modified interiors and facilities.
  • The security and protection offered by personal helicopter travel, with personal pilot services and protection, is a plea to those who prioritize these features.
  • For business tycoons, helicopters are apparatus for competence, assisting quick and simple travel linking meetings or spot visits transversely to different areas.

Hiring a Helicopter on rent:

If you cannot afford to purchase a helicopter, then you can try to hire it for rent. In today’s era, various people hire helicopters on a rental basis. Firefighting teams, Politicians, Chaar Dhaam Yatra, Search and rescue teams, etc. are some of them.  Various companies provide the helicopters on rent and charge the rent on a per day or hour basis.

helicopter price in India for rent

Here are some of the examples: 

1. Helicopters for Election Campaign may charge Rs. 2-4 lakhs per flying hour.

2. Wedding by helicopter may charge between Rs. 60,000- 80,000/- per flying hour.

3. VIP helicopter service for chardham yatra may charge Rs. 1.5 to 2 Lakhs per tour.


Q1. How much does it cost to own and maintain a helicopter?

Ans. In India, the cost of a helicopter varies from Rs. 5 crores to 20 crores. In addition to the original purchase cost, helicopter owners must consider the maintenance expenses which generally estimate to be about 15-20 lakh rupees per annum. 

Q2. How much does a cheap helicopter cost?

Ans. The Robinson R44, recognized for its affordability and easiness of upholding, stands for the cheapest 4-seater Helicopter value, with prices opening at approximately 4.5 crores. 

Q3. What is the price of hiring a helicopter for a wedding?

Ans.  In India, the price of hiring a helicopter for a wedding can fluctuate depending on the locality, extent, and type of helicopter. Normally, the price varies from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per flying hour.

Q4. Who can buy a helicopter in India?

Ans. Anyone can buy a helicopter in India. Several companies in the aviation business sell fresh and second-hand helicopters in the nation, together with domestic producers and worldwide dealerships. On the other hand, acquiring a helicopter needs a major investment and also necessitates obtaining the required authorization and permit.

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