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Top Myths on Coronavirus People Should Aware About

Myths on Coronavirus cover-19

Covid-19: The coronavirus epidemic spread throughout the world. With preventive measures or cures and misinformation available on the Internet, it can be difficult to separate facts from fiction. A lot of myths are shared by people on the internet such as garlic water, bat soup remedy, hot water bath, weird self-test, etc. You will find a lot of myths and false messages related to coronavirus infection.

In this article, we are going to reveal all the myths Covid-19. And, I request you not to forget to read and share this post. As not every information spread on the internet is true, so beware of such myths and be protective of this epidemic.

Myths on Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Myth #1: Hot weather or hot temperature can kill the new coronavirus? 

Fact: There are many myths on the internet such as drinking hot water, bathing with hot water or living in hot weather can kill coronavirus. According to the WHO, from the evidence so far, the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted to all areas, including areas with hot and humid climates.

Myth #2: Vitamin C supplement will prevent Coronavirus infection?

Fact: So far no evidence has been found that vitamin C supplementation can provide the immune system to people with Covid-19 infection.

Myth #3: Adults can’t touch the coronavirus

Fact: There is a general belief among people that the younger generation cannot be infected with Covid-19 because of their strong immune system. But this is not true as recent reports state that many adults have become infected with the virus but since adults have a strong immune system, they are more likely to recover than children and the elderly.

Myth #4: A vaccine has been developed for coronavirus

Fact: No such vaccine has been developed yet that can cure coronavirus infection. Scientists have already started working on one but it may take time.

Myth #5: Drinking more water may help prevent coronavirus

Fact: A viral post on social media claimed that drinking water every 15 minutes will cause any virus in your throat to enter your stomach, where acid will kill it. Although there is no scientific evidence that it will protect us from virus infection, it is generally a good habit to drink water and stay hydrated.

Myth #6: Coronavirus is just a mutated form of the common cold.

Fact: No, Covid-19 is not just like a common cold, it also has some other viruses including many diseases. SARS-CoV-2 shares similarities with other coronaviruses, four of which can cause the common cold.

Myth #7: Hold your breath for more than 10 seconds, you are healthy

Fact: Experts say that holding breath for more than 10 seconds is not a reliable way to determine if someone has a virus. However, it will help identify individuals with more severe lung problems. But of course, it will not identify individuals infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Myth #8: Coronavirus is like another seasonal flu, not a dangerous virus.

Fact: Some people have a common myth that the novel coronavirus is just seasonal flu but experts believe it is about 10 times dangerous than seasonal flu. While most coronavirus cases will be mild and easily cured, some cases have higher mortality rates and are more severe than the 1% fatality rate, so they are less likely to be cured.

Myth #9: The virus does not live in hot weather or sunlight

Fact: Scientists are still not able to identify how this virus reacts in hot weather. Any prediction is based only on the SARS and MERS epidemics. However, the virus is prevalent in some hot countries like Singapore and Australia. According to a recent study by Harvard Medical School, the virus has the potential to spread to temperature and humidity levels in China.

Myth 10#: Eating garlic helps prevent Kovid-19 infection

Fact: Garlic is a healthy food that has some antimicrobial properties that build the immune system which protects us from various types of diseases. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected against new coronaviruses. There is another reason, garlic cannot build up the immune system in a day or two, it requires regular practice.

The myths given above are that people do not know about them. I will request you to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and families. Comment below if you have any questions.

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