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How To Use Disruptive Marketing To Increase Sales 

disruptive marketing to increase sales

Those who have already activated an e-commerce or corporate online shop must continually contend with the need to drive traffic to these virtual spaces, thus multiplying the chances that visitors will be transformed within a short time into potential customers, or even better into immediate consumers who immediately choose to place their trust in the brand in question. How can disruptive marketing help you achieve to increase your sales performance?

With the advent of the Web and new digital tools for online communication, the consumer’s purchase journey has become an almost tangible element, which can be broken down into different stages and can be analyzed extremely accurately, even going so far as to predict the consumer’s future moves or induce him or her to make precise purchase choices. 

The design of the different stages of the customer journey, nowadays, represents one of the crucial moments in the marketing methods and strategies of any company and is usually entrusted to professionals who have carefully studied the profiles of typical customers, and who know how to devise a communication plan that puts the right content in front of them, at the right time and within the most suitable channel for the purpose. 

Until a few years ago, the interaction between a brand and its customer was extremely simple, and was based almost solely on fulfilling a precise consumer request and completing the purchase of a product or service within a store, or at most by phone. But now things are different. It requires new disruptive ways to do marketing in order to improve sales performance.

Designing a customer journey 

The complexity of designing a customer journey strategy, in a sense, is the price to be paid for having access to a larger pool of possible customers, to an almost infinite number of new consumers, all of whom can be reached in a matter of moments thanks to the capabilities of the Web and social media.

But in order to fully achieve their sales goals, thus increasing the performance of their website and online shop, every brand needs concrete methods to increase their visibility, to bring as many people as possible inside their virtual spaces, thus exposing them for a certain period of time to their selection of products and all the services that can be purchased online. 

Thanks to social media, this goal can be achieved in a surprising number of different ways, which represent the fruit of a conceptual elaboration produced by the minds of the most creative and competent marketers. 

One of these ways has to do with disruption, that is, all content that makes its mark precisely by virtue of its countercultural, sometimes irreverent, and even shocking (but without exaggeration) nature. Content of this kind brings with it an element that is invaluable to those involved in online communication, namely the surprise effect. 

When faced with something unusual, something not ordinary, the user’s attention immediately stops, remaining well-focused on the content for considerably longer than they usually reserve for other publications. For marketers and communicators, in a sense, one of the main goals would thus already have been achieved, but complete success also requires that the user actually makes a purchase within online business portals. 

One of the effects of disruptive content is precisely to intrigue the user, to involve him emotionally in something that he cannot fully comprehend, thus prompting him to investigate to learn more.

The role of texts 

The disruptive strategy does not need to be carried out only with visual content, with photographs or videos: to go against the grain, sometimes even textual content done in a deliberately provocative, quirky way, capable of stopping the readers’ attention for a few moments and letting them ask precise questions about the content they are looking at, is enough. 

In most cases, all the people who are intrigued are also the ones who click on the link and continue their browsing, sometimes pushing themselves toward a purchase. 

When you’ve succeeded in capturing the consumer’s attention through the surprise effect, triggering a natural feeling of wonder, you’ll be one step closer to finally winning their hearts as well.

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