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Tips for practicing digital marketers

Digital marketers tips

As Seth Godin said, “Marketing is the process of inventing a product, the process of designing and manufacturing it, the art of pricing it, and the methodology of selling it.” Are you ready to dive into this challenging but indeed exciting process? We have selected a few recommendations from the best digital marketers in the world and arranged them in the form of cards.

These tips will help both in the promotion of games like Evolution Lightning Roulette and in the promotion of products or products. Study and implement!

Laugh at your product

Most companies are so afraid of offending someone or ridiculing themselves that they try to stay as far away as possible from any situation where this can happen. That’s why they put out boring products. Instead, think about how you can change your product or services to end up in the humorous section of a solid professional publication. And do it.

Get rid of unprofitable products.

If your company’s product line has more than a dozen items – it’s highly likely that among them are products that bring you losses, not profits. On the other hand, if you have customers who receive significant discounts and other benefits – almost certainly with some of them you are working at a loss.

Remind people of your goals

As digital marketers, Link your product to specific goals. The more critical the plan, the higher the value and willingness to pay and, therefore, the value of the product. When people were reminded of goals, they showed positive attitudes toward incentives that matched those goals. For example, those who were reminded to “get in shape” had significantly better attitudes toward going to the gym and eating a salad.

Tell “powerful” stories.

The easier it is to remember a brand, the more likely that that brand’s product will be chosen and appreciated more than its less memorable competitors. By creating an emotional story about your product and then putting it into an easy-to-remember phrase – “Mars energizes you for the day,” “Recharge with an egg,” “Guinness is good for you,” “Esso – and you drive easy” – advertisers are effortlessly putting their products into your minds.

Make your competitor nervous.

Bill Gates often used clever tactical moves that made his competitors not even have an idea to oppose him. Microsoft would loudly announce the imminent release of a new product. The market faltered, and consumers began to wait for the novelty, forgetting the way to other manufacturers. And in reality, the development of the announced product was beginning.

Make a contextual tie-in.

Decide how you will tie your product to a specific situation – this will increase its value. Simply put, come up with a reason to buy. For example, the success of Frubes cheese is based on a reference to a relevant situation – cheese for school lunches. After all, mothers want only the healthiest foods in their children’s lunch boxes. And if the cheese is packaged so that it doesn’t get your briefcase dirty (which Frubes did), sales will skyrocket.

Use “bundling.”

Combine two or three products/services and sell them as a bundle. It is a quick way to create a new product and eliminate “illiquidity” or boost sales of a not-very-successful product.

Use Associations

It would help if you used the right signals to support key buying goals when launching a campaign. For example, cues from Lenor ads comparing a towel and a peach speak to softness, reinforcing the association between the brand/product and the target. But, again, the ad uses pre-existing associations: after all, we know that the skin of ripe peaches is very soft.

Lift the veil of need.

Study the habits of your customers. That alone is the key to success when looking for what the consumer needs, thinking about the product itself, which still needs to be created, and the person.

Learn to listen

Narrators and talkers are everywhere, but those who know how to listen are a very scarce type of people. So it isn’t easy to tune in to something that listens to the man, not to continue his thought when he pauses, or not to throw in a conversation his witty but not entirely appropriate replica. It sometimes causes almost physical discomfort!

But we must learn to listen. It is necessary to show that you are listening to the interlocutor. The interlocutor feels that he is interested in you. He automatically regards it as a sign of respect. Therefore, listening is a valuable skill, increasing the number of deals.

Do not let your customers keep silent.

Use testimonials from satisfied customers in your advertising. It is not yet word of mouth, but already a step towards it – the difference is that they recommend you to a specific person, and the same review leaves for everyone interested.

Release an economy version of the product.

If you’ve realized that many of your customers are price sensitive, save, and only buy at a discount, it’s time for economy versions. It is a lighter version of a regular product. For example, Nescafe coffee in a glass jar and a cheap cardboard box, where the coffee is less in weight.

Analyze everything you can

The key to success is to measure the effectiveness of your actions. First, you must calculate what works best and then do precisely that. No guesswork, just numbers. Determine what you will measure, how much it will cost, and how soon you will get results. Another bonus: Measuring performance means you can see problems in your work and respond to them accordingly.

Earn customer loyalty

  • Did you know that more than 50% of customers are willing to overpay by up to 20-25% before they switch from one familiar brand to another? 
  • In some categories, a 5% increase in loyal customers can lead to a 95% increase in revenue. 
  • And in some exclusive categories, 10% of customers bring in 50% of revenue. Go out of your way to let the customer know that as digital marketers you care about them. He’ll return the favor.

Don’t offer more – offer different.

When competing, market strategists usually limit themselves to a variety of offerings in one category (for example, introducing a new sports car model). However, when they go outside the box, they may offer something from a related category (for example, sports sedans or motorcycles).

Set measurable goals

It would help if you had clear criteria to know that the goal is met. A calendar and calculator are the most versatile tools; use them when setting goals. Example: “In the next 12 months, we will publish six unique third-party materials and attract at least 15,000 subscribers.” Developing a plan like this makes the entire process measurable and controllable.

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