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Advisor Network Automobile Logistic & transportation Market Overview Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

4 Best Autonomous Trucking and Vehicle Stocks with Stable Growth Prospects

Global autonomous vehicle market has been valued to the tune of $76.13 billion in 2020, and should reach $2,161.79 billion by 2030. This means that the industry is expected to be compounded at ~40.1% from 2021 to 2030. Autonomous vehicle or a driverless vehicle has the capability to operate itself and execute necessary functions. Therefore,

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Advisor Network Market Overview Media & Entertainment Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

3 Movie studio and news media stocks with strong growth expectations

Media streaming devices appear to be connected and unmanaged devices with primary purpose of receiving on-demand content through Internet and display it on television screen. In midst of significant change and disruption in 2022, global entertainment and media (E&M) industry rechecked strategies, reassessed core operations and made some revisions in key assumptions. Movie studio and

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Advisor Network Food & Drinks Market Overview Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

3 Best Beverage Stocks With Sound Dividends History

Beverage stocks are the companies which produces, distributes, and sells beverages. These companies carry out their operations in beverage industry, encompassing wide range of products. Products of such companies include soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, etc. Global beverage market should be able to compound at ~3.47% from its initial value of US$1,568.389 billion in

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Advisor Network Banking & Insurance Economic & Finance Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

4 Renowned and promising global banking stocks to buy now for 2-3 years

Global banking industry saw an eventful year so far. Since there was a crash of Silicon Valley Bank and there were several downgrades from S&P and Moody’s, investors have been avoiding investments in banking sector stocks. However, since now we have headed into 2H23, there are some banking stocks which are beginning to harbor renewed

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Market Overview Real Estate State & Urban

Q3 2023 Housing Sales at All-time High – Over 1.20L Units Sold in Top 7 Cities, Up 36% Y-o-Y

Mumbai, 28 September 2023: The Indian residential property segment remained unstoppable in Q3 2023, despite the usually slow monsoon quarter. Latest ANAROCK Research data shows that Q3 2023 saw housing sales across the top 7 cities create another new peak with approx. 1,20,280 units sold, against approx. 88,230 units in Q3 2022. This denotes a staggering 36%

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Healthcare & Fiscal Market Overview Pharma & Healthcare Science & Technology Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

Top 4 healthcare stocks with stable outlook to buy for generational wealth

Global medicine market — using invoice price levels — should be able to compound in the range of 3%-6% through 2025, touching ~$1.6 trillion in total market size in 2025. This figure excludes spending on COVID-19 vaccines, where total cumulative spending till 2025 is expected to the tune of $157 billion. Therefore, 2023 should be

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Market Overview Real Estate Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

Top REIT Stocks Investors Should Consider Buying

As we approach to end of 2023, commercial real estate continues to make headlines, with concerns shifting from cost of finance, in current environment of interest hikes, to concerns around availability of credit for real estate during the time of banking crisis in the US, and with concerns around, mainly, the US office sector. Now,

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Advisor Network Market Overview Science & Technology Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds Technology

Top 3 Robotics Stocks to Buy Now and hold

Global investors are always on the hunt for promising stocks and experienced investors are more focused on top-down approach. Therefore, they focus more on industry and they tend to narrow down their research to stocks. Experts believe that industrial robotics market share should be able to exceed US$80 billion by 2024. Industrial robotics market should grow

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Advisor Network Market Overview Stock to Buy Stocks & Funds

3 Best Promising Small Cap and Mid Cap Stocks to Buy in October 2023

Investors in promising small cap and mid cap stocks are generally the ones who look for up-and-coming young companies which focus on growing fast. These are the companies who look to become large-cap stocks in the future. Small-cap stock investors intend to beat institutional investors through their focus on growth opportunities. Some of the promising

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Market Overview Real Estate

Indian Real Estate Witnessed a Remarkable 35% Increase in Demand from NRI Customers

NRIs, or non-resident Indians, may be experiencing a Swades moment. Instead of returning to their homeland, they have been observed enthusiastically purchasing property within the country. According to Reports there has been a 35% annual increase in NRI investment in Indian residential real estate. This growing trend is particularly noticeable in their inclination towards gated

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