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IPL 2022 edition proves to be a run-fest after latest record broken

The IPL has often produced some spellbinding moments. It has left fans in shock and awe over the years, but

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Korea’s 50 richest’s wealth dips to $130 billion

South Korea’s stock was Asia’s second-worst performer after Hong Kong in the past twelve months.  As a result, Korea’s 50

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Chainalysis: Crypto profits surged by 400% in 2021

As per Chainalysis, worldwide crypto investor profits surged by 400% in 2021.  On Wednesday, a report published by Chainalysis stated

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The Sri Lankan crisis proves beneficial for Indian exporters

The ongoing Sri Lankan economic crisis coupled with a $51 billion debt default has proven beneficial for Indian exporters.  While

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Can India feed the world amid rising inflation?

In talks with US President Joe Biden, Indian PM Narendra Modi mentioned India could feed the world.  Furthermore, the Ukraine

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Inflation impact on the salaried class, economy, and investors

​​In March 2022, retail inflation soared to 6.95%.  The Consumer Price Index is way above the RBI’s inflation target of

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Three reasons the economy could slow down unexpectedly

The 2020 recession generated the highest inflation since the 1970s.  However, the 2020 recession was the shortest.  Furthermore, the recovery

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PM Modi offers President Biden India’s food stock

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered US President Biden India’s food stock.  Given the current geopolitical crisis, the food crisis is

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UN announces Mumbai as 2021 Tree City of the world

The United Nations recognized Mumbai as the ‘2021 Tree City of the World.’ The UN and The Food and Agriculture

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Magic mushrooms may be an alternative depression treatment

A study suggests that psilocybin found in magic mushrooms may be an alternative to depression treatments.  The psychedelic compound can

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