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Investing in NFTs: Is It Worth It?

Of the various tech innovations of the last few decades, few have had the immediate impact of blockchain technology. This tech is the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Of course, these aren’t the only innovations that blockchain tech has helped to usher in. The latest trend that has swept up the attention […]

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What Is a BTM? How does It work?[Guide 2022]

Nearly 75% of retailers have plans to start accepting cryptocurrency payments within the next 2 years. With the rising popularity of Bitcoin, the number of Bitcoin ATMs is growing rapidly as well.  If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, one of the most convenient ways to do it these days is to visit a […]

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A Complete Guide to Payment Gateway Charges in India

A payment gateway allows merchants and businesses to accept online digital payment across many payment modes. Payment gateways play a crucial role in eCommerce and are in part responsible for its massive boom over the years.  Although having a partnership with a great service provider is crucial, there are charges that a business has to […]

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Lend And Borrow Crypto: The Pros & Cons

Cryptocurrency owners have a variety of options for increasing their savings and increasing their investments.  Crypto financing has only been around for a few years, but it is already causing a stir.  Previously, users could only earn by trading their coins or holding them on the Quantumai website. They may now borrow and lend Cryptocurrency […]

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How is the increase in cryptocurrency value in recent years inspiring for the crypto world?

A Chainalysis report shows that global cryptocurrency investments increased by 400% in 2021, with Bitcoin up 60 percent to $46,300 and Ethereum up 400% to $3,650. While bitcoin saw a 60% gain and ethereum rose 400% to $3,650, the report cites other statistics indicating that profits will continue to skyrocket. The United States leads the […]

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Chainalysis: Crypto profits surged by 400% in 2021

As per Chainalysis, worldwide crypto investor profits surged by 400% in 2021.  On Wednesday, a report published by Chainalysis stated that worldwide investor gains surged from $32.5 bn in 2020 to $162.7 bn in 2021.  Furthermore, bitcoin and ethereum – the two most valuable cryptos, hitting an all-time high influenced the 400% surge.  Crypto investors […]

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New tax laws negatively impact cryptocurrency this week

As per CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin dipped over 8% in the past week. The new tax laws severely impacted cryptocurrency.  While the 30% tax on crypto came into effect on April 1, the 1% TDS deduction will take effect from July.  The first week of April witnessed a negative impact on BNB, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, Litecoin, […]

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Tiffany & Co launches 499 18K TiffCoin worth $9,999

As per an April 2 announcement, TIffany & Co minted 499 18K gold coins worth $9,999 each.  However, on April 1, as a joke, Tiffany announced via Twitter, “we’re launching our own cryptocurrency called TiffCoin — with exclusive product launches, NFT releases and invite-only events for top TiffCoin holders!” “Get some gold in your wallet […]

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CNBC: Britain’s new crypto regime to divulge in weeks

As informed by a source to CNBC, Britain’s Finance Minister Rishi Sunak will announce the new crypto regime.  The upcoming announcement will focus on stablecoin as The Treasury continues discussions with trade and firm groups.  Furthermore, as the information is not public yet, The Treasury declined to comment, and the four sources familiar with the […]

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PoW vs. PoS as European Parliament rejects clause in MiCA

The crypto industry loosened up as the European Parliament rejected a clause in MiCA. Furthermore, the crypto industry weighs the pros and cons of PoW vs. PoS. The clause in Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) would have banned PoW protocol-based cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.  However, Solana and Cardano stand on PoS, where miners can “stake” cryptocurrencies […]

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