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ACE Money Transfer and HBL Join Forces to Offer Customers a Chance to Win a New Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus

chance to win a Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus

How about a chance to win a brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and one of the 10 iPhone 14 Plus through your money transfer to Pakistan? Yes. You read it correctly!

ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited (HBL), one of the leading commercial banks in Pakistan, have joined hands for another exciting campaign to dole out the listed prizes to their valued customers through a series of lucky draws.

All Pakistani migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland have an equal and open chance to win a brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and one of the 10 iPhone 14 Plus if they send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer to any of the 1,700 plus branches of HBL across Pakistan as a cash deposit or cash pickup until March 15th

A Brief Background About ACE Money Transfer’s Current Initiative-win Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus

The company has always designed its remittance services in line with the needs of its valued customers. Furthermore, it completely understands that the remittance inflows to developing countries like Pakistan hold critical importance. That’s why it keeps coming up with fascinating promotions to encourage customers to send more money back home via regulated channels.

Therefore, a closer look at the services of the company will reveal how strongly it adheres to this principle.

In this context, the company has launched this exciting campaign for its valued customers with these big prizes at the end of the easy-to-follow process. Because nowadays, life without a vehicle and a smartphone is nearly a challenge.

So, the company is offering these two prizes for you to grab should you win in the lucky draws after you have followed the participation rules.

What Are The Reasons That Trigger Migration From Pakistan?

You may have many reasons, but the following few will resonate well with you.

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is rampant in Pakistan, which makes putting food on the table difficult. The country’s sluggish economic activity only adds to its people’s financial misery. So, people travel abroad to find work and then support their families financially based on what they earn abroad.

High Unemployment Rate

No matter how hard you try and whatever you study for professional purposes, finding jobs in Pakistan is no less than a big challenge. This gives rise to the unemployment rate. Developed countries, however, hardly return job-seekers without offering them one, which is another big reason for migration out of Pakistan.

Lack Of Savings

Where putting food on the table is difficult, savings, of course, is a far cry. Whatever limited financial resources Pakistanis can manage are exhausted completely in meeting the basic needs of life like food, shelter, etc. They cannot manage savings. 

But remittances serve them as a lifeline; through these, migrants and their families manage savings, eradicate poverty, and uplift their living standards.

Pakistani Migrants And Remittances To Pakistan-win Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus

  • About 9 million Pakistanis reside in around 115 countries in the world.
  • Remittances to Pakistan in FY22 were $31.2 billion.
  • From July to October 2022, remittances fell to $9.9 billion.
  • It was 8.6 per cent, down from $10.827 billion in 2021 during the same period.
  • Reports suggest that remittances will remain close to $30 billion in FY23, down from $31.2 billion in FY22, if this decline continues.

Prime Reason For The Decline-win Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus

The overall slowdown of global economic activity is largely held responsible, coupled with the advent of Covid-19, which caused acute job losses worldwide.

Pakistan Remittance Initiative –  A Step In The Right Direction

To give a boost to the flow of remittances to the country, the government of Pakistan launched the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the Ministry of Finance (MoF), and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis (MoOP).

The core objectives of the initiative are as follows:

  • To create convenience for the smooth, swift, and cost-effective transfer of remittances
  • To create investment opportunities for Pakistani migrants in Pakistan

The Role Of ACE Money Transfer And HBL In Implementing The PRI

ACE Money Transfer and HBL have tried to implement the PRI in the following ways:

  • Funds transferred to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer from anywhere across the world will take just 7 seconds to reach the destination.
  • The company offers live and competitive currency exchange rates that the remitters cannot find elsewhere. It also allows them to initiate a transfer when the rates are most in their favour.
  • The company charges low fees, and you can even make fee-free transfer on your first sign-up with the firm. 
  • HBL’s huge branch network across Pakistan, consisting of 1,700+ branches, enables you to approach any branch without having to travel long distances enabling you to save commuting costs.

Participation In The Campaign And Chances To Win

  • Simply send money to any branch of HBL as a cash deposit or cash pick up until the 15th of March to become eligible to participate.
  • Keep sending money daily across the campaign duration, as it will increase your chances of winning.
  • Remember that several transactions in one day will count as one.
  • So, either send money to different recipients if it has to be in one day or on different days regularly to the same recipient.
  • The winner of the vehicle could nominate anyone in Pakistan to collect the prize on their behalf.
  • Winners will be selected in a series of lucky draws.

ACE Money Transfer – Your Unavoidable Remittance Choice

The brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus are for you to win, with a low fee, live exchange rates, speed, and safety. Simply follow the steps explained above, become eligible, and try your luck at the cost of just nothing but an activity integral to your migrant life – money transfer to Pakistan.

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