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10 iPhone Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Device Running

iPhone Maintenance Tips

Your iPhone needs to be taken care of. They’re expensive, after all.The last thing you want is to keep buying one every year.

Maintain both the hardware and software of your iPhone regularly to prolong its life..

10 iPhone Maintenance Tips

First, let’s talk about some physical tips you can follow to keep your iPhone looking great and running smoothly.

1. Cleaning the charging port

When you’re having trouble charging your phone, a clogged Lightning port is often the culprit.

You should start by using a toothpick or the SIM removal tool that came with your phone to remove the gunk. Be very careful to act delicately. You don’t want to damage the contact points with overzealous actions.

You can also try compressing air if this doesn’t work. Even though Apple advises against using canned air and cleaning products, a quick blast can sometimes dislodge particularly sticky debris. Place the can close to the charging port, but do not insert the nozzle.

Lastly, if you are still unable to charge your device, you might have a hardware problem. For assistance, contact Apple Support.

2. Cleaning the Speaker and Microphone

It is important to clean an iPhone’s speaker and microphone. The quality of your calls, music playback, and your ability to control Siri may suffer if you fail to do so.

Begin by grabbing a soft-bristled toothbrush and (very) gently rubbing it over the two openings to loosen the debris. Once the area is clean, you can gently lift the dust with a piece of tape.

Please do not use compressed air.The powerful force can damage the membranes of the speaker and microphone.

3. Clean the Phone: iPhone Maintenance Tips

We carry our phones everywhere, so they are dirty and germ-ridden. Every so often, you should give your device a little polish.

If using an Apple cloth, make sure it is soft, damp, and lint-free. Make sure not to get water in the ports, buttons, and other openings..Be careful not to scratch your iPhone, as its coating prevents fingerprints. It is normal for it to wear down over time, but heavy cleaning could prematurely remove it.

4. Make sure the headphone jack is clean

The iPhone 6s and earlier still have a headphone jack. To prevent a buildup of dust and fluff, clean it out regularly.

Clean the iPhone headphone jack using the same compressed air method as mentioned earlier. You can also take advantage of a cotton swab. If those don’t work, you can try a toothpick as a last resort.

Software iPhone Maintenance Tips

Those four physical tips cover the basics, but there’s still a lot more you can do. Now it’s time to cover some other virtual and software-based iPhone maintenance tips you need to check regularly.

5. Battery management for iPhone

The battery life of smartphones is often people’s biggest complaint. It can be challenging to make your battery last all day if you’re a heavy user. As your battery ages, the problem only gets worse.

You can slightly alleviate the problem by recalibrating your iPhone battery regularly. It can prolong the battery’s life by reducing its drain rate.

Additionally, the iPhone comes with a plethora of battery settings. Fiddling around with them can help you squeeze out a bit more juice. 

6. Increase iPhone storage space

Many consumers settle for a model with less internal storage due to the high price of top-tier iPhone models.

You’ll likely fill up that storage fast when you take many photos and receive a lot of messages from your friends and family.

Don’t let your storage limit prevent you from taking photos or downloading new apps at an inopportune time. So, it’s wise to prune your phone’s data from time to time.

In addition to media files, you can remove offline files and clear browser data. 

7. Back Up Your Data: iPhone Maintenance Tips

Backups are essential, and they cannot be overemphasized. A month after the birth of my daughter, I put my wife’s iPhone through the washing machine. We bid you farewell, precious photos.

You can back up iOS using iTunes or iCloud. Third-party options are also available.

8. Restart Your Phone

Is it possible to turn it off and on again?” is the oldest piece of advice in the book. It’s also surprisingly useful for maintaining smartphones. When was the last time you restarted your phone? The answer is probably “never” if you don’t let the battery drain.

Rebooting your iPhone can fix memory leaks, free up RAM, prevent crashes, and improve battery life.

9. Install the latest version of your apps

It’s a no-brainer here. It is surprising how many people let dozens of updates sit without downloading and installing them. Updated apps provide new features, improved security, and a more stable user experience.

Open the App Store and tap the Updates tab to see if any app updates are pending.

The automatic update feature should be enabled. You can enable automatic updates on iOS by going to Settings > [Name] > iTunes and App Store and turning the toggle next to Updates on.

10. You can check the settings of your app

The settings menus of apps change over time. Thus, you should periodically go through your menus to make sure that apps are still configured the way you want them to be. Some settings may even allow you to use less mobile data.
In particular, social media apps have a nasty habit of automatically opting you into their privacy-eroding “new features.”

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