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Fueling Startup Growth in India: Incubate Fund Asia Announces First Close of Third Fund, Aiming for $50 Million

India, 21 September 2023 – Incubate Fund Asia, a sector-agnostic Japanese venture capital fund specialising in seed-stage investment today announced the first close of their third fund which has a target corpus of $50 Million (around INR 416 crores). This accomplishment underscores their steadfast commitment to fostering the growth of startups and propelling them towards remarkable success. Incubate Fund’s

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The Importance Of Standards For Your Expanding Business In Australia

We set standards for ourselves every single day and we expect a certain level of care and attention when we deal with businesses and people. Businesses all across Australia have standards and compliance that we all need to follow so that everyone is on the same page within that particular industry. By complying with the

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Saudi Arabia’s Bold Move: Investing in Indian Start-ups and Establishing Sovereign Wealth Fund Office

To facilitate investments in India, Saudi Arabia is considering setting up an office of its sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in the country, as well as investing in Indian startups through venture capital. Khalid A. Al Falih, the country’s Investment Minister, announced on Monday that a delegation will travel to India in the next few weeks

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Top 50 Unicorn Startup in India

India has emerged as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the rise of unicorn startups is a testament to this dynamic ecosystem. A unicorn startup in India is a privately held company valued at over $1 billion, and India has witnessed a remarkable surge in these transformative enterprises. In recent years, the country has

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Zepto raises $200 million to become the first unicorn of 2023

Unicorns are incredibly rare animals, even in the fiction world, and funding winters make them even harder to come by. Despite the fact that startups find themselves feeling the chill of a lack of venture capital, Zepto has managed to become India’s 84th unicorn with its latest fundraise. The beginning of the year saw 83

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New IPO Stock VinFast Skyrocketed Over 100% – Understanding the Reasons

Shares of VinFast Auto Ltd., the Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) start-up, made a strong debut on the US stock exchange one week ago. On 22nd August, at the time of writing, the stock is up by more than ~100%, with its market cap soaring past $70 billion as investors continue to build long positions in the stock.

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Why Indian Consumers are Turning Towards Upcoming Local Brands

Along with Nestle’s two-minute Maggi, the category leader, many stores now offer ‘1 To 3 Noodles’ in Karnataka. Besides its stellar penetration of 35% in the state, this local brands caters to local tastes with a desi twist to instant noodles that comes with more masala. Similarly, North India-based Vasant Masala caters to the specific

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5 Types of Marketing to Try with Your New Business

Starting out in business gives you an opportunity to put all of your entrepreneurial ideas to the test – something that might have been an ambition of yours for a long time by this point. With that in mind, you want to make sure you start off on as successful a note as possible, and

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A Guide To Start An Online Bookkeeping Business

There are endless opportunities to start online businesses of all shapes and sizes in the digital age, so there’s something for everyone. You might be the right candidate to start an Online bookkeeping business if you are good at numbers and organized. This is a very in-demand area as well. It is a legal requirement

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How to open a beauty salon in the UK

In a world where snippets of our daily lives are captured on film and posted on social media, maintaining our appearance is high on many Brits’ priority lists. From highlights and haircuts to eyebrow shaping and leg waxes, business appears to be booming for the beauty industry in a post-lockdown revival.  Beauty treatments are not

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