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How to Keep Your Office Clean After a Pandemic

How to keep the office clean after pandemic

A couple of years ago, going to the office seemed like a normal thing. However, the majority of us shifted to a work from home setting once the pandemic hit, and it no longer feels like the norm to head back to onsite work. 

One of the major concerns people may have is that the pandemic hasn’t completely blown over just yet. So how do we keep our offices free of the virus, especially during and after the pandemic? Here are a couple of ways you can keep your office clean, and protect yourself from getting sick while getting your work done! 

1. Cleaning the Office

Cleaning of office premises is the best way to prevent the spread of germs and diseases from person to person. Keeping the office clean will get rid of allergens, germs, and viruses that could potentially harm you and your co-workers. 

Hire an office cleaner to help you maintain the cleanliness of your office. Office cleaners are well-trained to keep a sense of professionalism at work, and on how to clean different materials common in office furniture. You can focus on your work, while the office cleaner professionally clears away the dirt and grime from your office. 

2. Daily Disinfection

Daily disinfection is a must for office cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies often provide disinfection services that will ensure every nook and corner of your office is completely void of pathogens and viruses. 

Besides disinfecting your office professionally, be sure to do your part and disinfect surfaces before and after you use them. Take a spray disinfectant solution, and spray away at communal tables, pantry, and bathroom amenities to keep yourself – and others, protected from any potential diseases. 

3. Proper Hand Washing Reminders

Download and print out a copy of proper hand washing techniques to place inside the bathrooms and by the kitchen sink. These will instill proper hand washing instructions to everyone in the office, and hopefully minimize the chances of spreading diseases from person to person.

While we can’t dictate how someone addresses their personal hygiene, we can make the office a healthy, and safe environment for all with hygiene reminders and seminars. After all, washing your hands is more important now than ever before, and we need to know the proper way of maintaining our personal hygiene in and out of the office. 

4. Using Air Purifiers

Air purifiers clean the air by filtering out allergens, dust, and any potentially harmful pathogens from the air. This minimizes the chances of airborne diseases, and creates overall cleaner air for everyone in the office. 

Install air purifiers in your air conditioning system, or have a couple of standalone air purifiers by you as you work to protect yourself from airborne dust and diseases. You’ll feel the air become much lighter, and you won’t sneeze or cough as often as you would normally. Plus, most air purifiers have washable filters you can clean without worrying about the environment! 

5. Personal Space

Lastly, don’t forget to clean your own personal space! Office cleaning covers the majority of communal spaces from the office fridge and pantry, to the bathrooms, but your own personal space is your responsibility. 

You can easily clean and sanitize your office desk with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, and you should wipe down your office trinkets as well. Give your office supplies a good wipe with a sanitizer, and clean your computer screen, chargers, cabinets, and drawers as well. Maintain cleanliness in your personal space to keep your own area clean, and free from dust and germs!

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