Human can live forever

According to scientists, humans can be ‘immortal’ by 2047

According to scientists we need only 25 years to live forever! Yes, we are going to live forever, and we will never die.Death is...
cactus plants

Live with plants may great for you!

We can find many plant lovers on social sites. Cactus is by far the most Instagram famous plant. We found 23 million posts dedicated to the...
immune system - antibodies

Antibodies Fall Quickly After Infected by Coronavirus

Antibodies are an important part of our immune system, it protects our body from infection. According to researchers, the antibodies found to be positive have...
Dr. Sharma, an elephant doctor

A doctor who has spent his life saving thousands of animals

The Indian doctor is caring for thousands of elephants, spending much of his time with elephants.The story is about Dr. Kushal Konwar Sharma, an...
Hing will grow in India

The most common spice in India but never grow before: Asafoetida(Hing)

Asafoetida is also known as Hing in India which is the most common spice in India which is generally used most of the time...
Extinction of Whales

Why is the threat of whale extinction a concern for humans?

Many scientists and conservationists from over 40 countries need global action to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises from their discontent. According to scientists and conservationists,...
Nasa launches space toilets

NASA launches $23 million space toilets for astronauts for Mission Moon

NASA WALLOPS launches locking to space new $23 million TOILET at the new station. NASA is about to introduce new zero-gravity space toilets for testing...
the science of mind management

The reason behind the science of mind management reveals Swami Mukunanand

It is true that if you beat your mind, you can conquer the world, even you can beat anyone, such as your enemy, mind,...
China cyberattack on Indian satellite

China cyber attacked on Indian satellite communications: US Report

China is attacking an Indian satellite claimed by the united states of the US report. China attacked computer networks against Indian satellites in 2017, similar...
Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash aged 20 years is the first person to win first ever gold in mental calculation world champion

The Young dynamic, 20 yrs, Neelkantha Bhanu the fastest Human Calculator

Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash, aged 20 years is the first person to win first-ever gold in mental calculation world championships. Born and raised in Hyderabad,...

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