Scientific Theories in the World

Top 10 Scientific Theories in the World That will blow your mind

Which are the most popular scientific theories in the world? In our collective knowledge, we might think that we have uncovered most...
educate your company on AI fairness

The 10 Steps to Educate your Company on AI Fairness

In today’s era, it is important to educate your company on AI fairness. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used by companies, and...
must-read engineering blogs

Top 10 Must-Read Engineering Blogs for University Students

A few must-read engineering blogs can help aspiring engineers gain insight into the challenges professionals face every day. The tools and processes...
Scientific Discoveries of the Decade

The Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of the Decade

Every year, new Scientific Discoveries of the Decade research papers are published. From star evolution to the current implications of climate change...
Data scientists statistic assignments

Data Scientists’ Turn Against Statistics

A remarkable story is that of “big data.” The story coincides with the deterioration of the denominator. It also coincides with the...
Technology helped in dealing with the COVID Pandemic

How Technology helped in dealing with the COVID Pandemic?

Pandemics cannot be prevented by the technology. While it cannot prevent the spread, educate, warn, and empower those on the ground to...
Best games for android

10 Best Games for Android Mobile Users | Free Android Games

Mobile gaming is improving at a much greater rate than any technology before it. The number of Android games seems to increase...
discovery of eighth continent

A mystery of the discovery of the eighth continent by scientists in 375 years

We have heard from our childhood that there are total 7 continents in the world. But do you know that the actual number of continents...
Food packaging from cucumber

Researchers developed Eco-friendly food packaging from cucumber peels!

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed environmentally friendly food ingredients from cucumber peels! This is great research because according to team members cucumber peels contain...
Covid vaccine test

Covid vaccine shows 95% protection against coronavirus

The result came from Pfizer which actually gives positivity about the covid vaccine. The company Pfizer used a highly innovative and great experimental approach to...

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