Number of stamps you need for packages

How Many Stamps Do I Need? 4 Shipping Tips For Entrepreneurs

How Many Stamps Do I Need? – this question resonates for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs mail letters and ship parcels or packages as a part of...
Future of Supply Chain and Logistics

Top 10 Technologies Shaping the Future of Supply Chain and Logistics

What is the Future of Supply Chain and Logistics? Innovations in technology are impacting industries across the board, and logistics and supply...
cyclone tauktae

Cyclone Tauktae: Knock-on impact on shipping and logistics industry to sustain for 2-3 weeks

Cyclone Tauktae has unquestionably left a trail of destruction across the coastal regions Gujarat and Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka and Goa. Barring select...
Logistics Startups In India

List of Top Logistics Startups In India | India Logistics Industry

Every economy relies on the logistics industry. E-commerce websites have enabled startups in the logistics industry to grow their businesses. Technology allows...
Demand for Indian exporters in global market

Demand for Indian Exporters has increased worldwide by 40%

Global demand for Indian goods has increased since after the lockdown.There is an increasing demand for engineering products, chemical goods, low-value lifestyle goods such...
Adani ports raising funds

 Adani Port Plans to Raised funds from Global Investors

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone plans to raise $500 million through a foreign bond issue.It caters to global investors over a period of...
Reinventing the Relocation Services Hiring Process

AssureShift: Reinventing the Relocation Services Hiring Process

India is growing at a remarkable rate with rising opportunities for education, jobs, and economic growth in every corner of India. Companies are opening...
Bundelkhand expressway construction

More than 1.89 lakh Trees Cut for Bundelkhand Expressway

About 1.89 lakh trees have been cut for the construction of the Bundelkhand Expressway. The Bundelkhand Expressway is approximately 296 km long. It is a...
Gautam Adani – India's second richest person

A man to became India’s second richest person after 20 years of struggle –...

Gautam Adani is a well-known name throughout the world. He is the second richest person after Mukesh Ambani. Gautam Adani has a net worth...
Largest container shipping companies in the world

Top 10 largest International Container Shipping Companies

The container shipping companies plays an important role in driving the country's economy or GDP growth. Several shipping lines are involved in intermodal freight transport as part of international...

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