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How to start the Amazon Package Delivery Business in 2022

Amazon Package Delivery

You might want to consider becoming a Amazon Package Delivery or Delivery Service Partner (DSP) if you are looking for an opportunity with low startup coscosts. You will be able to access Amazon’s technology and logistics experience while taking advantage of low startup costs.

Setting Up a Business with Amazon DSP Program

You can begin the process as soon as you find out whether Amazon delivery service partners are available in your area.

1. Submit the online application

Online applications are the first step, and they are quick. Several yes-no questions are asked.

Amazon wants to know the following about you:

  • Hire and develop teams of workers if you have experience doing so.
  • You must be able to commit to being a hands-on, full-time DSP owner.
  • You would be eligible if you have at least $30k in liquid assets.
  • Your credit history is strong.
  • Previous business ownership is an asset. It isn’t a requirement, but it is preferred.

2. Get through the Amazon DSP screening process

Screening begins with the submission of a second application. In the second application, the details are more in-depth.

If you want to include hobbies and activities that are not common on resumes, you may want to update your resume. Amazon values involvement in the community highly. Do you have any experience coaching a community team? Do you have involvement in local community committees? What are your plans for engaging members of your community in the hiring process?

You’ll be vetted before being considered for any job. :

  • An updated resume demonstrating a stable work history is required
  • You should not have any moving violations on your driving record.
  • A criminal records check and a credit check will be performed during your background check.

3. Take part in an interview

You will be interviewed in person at an Amazon fulfillment location, if available, as well as at a location near you.

An interview, beginning with the quick application and ending with an in-person interview, can take months. Several in-person interviews will take place.

Acceptance notices will be sent to applicants who have successfully completed the interview process. Applicants can then become Future Delivery Service Partners. It could not be more ideal.

There is fierce competition between those seeking to be a delivery service partner. Training is provided online and on the job as part of the Future DSP Program. Future Delivery Service Partners go to the head of the line if they are actively engaged in the program.

4. Receive a business rate card and offer

Depending on the area of the country and the route, rates and offers can differ. For example:

  • The number of vans determines the monthly payment
  • A rate for routes based on their length.
  • Depending on the number of packages delivered, a per package fee is charged.

5. Completing and passing the Amazon DSP program

Amazon Delivery business owners will have 3 weeks of hands-on training in classrooms and warehouses in order to gain logistics expertise. 

Two weeks of training in the field follow that initial period – working with other delivery business owners. You can participate in the Future Delivery Service Partner Program while you’re waiting for routes to open. 

Most likely, those involved and active in that program will be offered a route when it becomes available.

Take advantage of all the instruction that is available to become more knowledgeable and comfortable about the logistics industry.

6. Establish an Amazon Delivery Service Partners Program and hire employees

Typically, newcomers to the program start with five vans. In other words, you’ll have to lease 5 vehicles and hire 5 drivers from the beginning.

Which candidates do you choose from the pool? Select candidates with delivery company experience. You should also check their work history and logistics experience. Amazon Flex drivers are an excellent choice. Amazon Flex drivers are self-employed subcontractors.

Customer service is another strength of Amazon. It is possible to find applicants who can deliver packages, but have poor customer service skills. A disgruntled customer can ruin a delivery business’ reputation.

Candidate should have a strong work ethic and be able to pick up from delivery stations and complete a route while maintaining customer satisfaction. It is also your job as the owner of the program to ensure timely delivery of products and customer satisfaction.

7. Start Your Profitable Business

You can pick up your delivery vans, electronic delivery programs, fuel cards, and uniforms once you receive your order.

For leased vehicles, you’ll need an operator’s license and insurance. A number of vendors have been recommended by Amazon and rates have been negotiated.

As soon as you start your business, you will qualify for a variety of rewards.

Why should you become a Delivery Service Partner?

Hands-on leaders have the opportunity to become owner-operators at Amazon and expand their business. Become a member of one of the world’s fastest-growing industries by joining a community of DSPs.

Taking part in this program has countless benefits, and there’s never been a better time to start your logistic career with so much demand for fast, safe home delivery. Benefits include:

1. Small businesses have big impacts.

The program does not require logistics experience. To help Delivery Service Partners set up and also run their delivery business, Amazon offers its technology, processes, and decades of logistics experience.

2. Possessing hands-on leadership skills.

As a result of Amazon’s packages, your business will grow, so you can focus on developing your team and not sales.

3. Amazon offers support.

As a Delivery Service Partner, Amazon is there to help. The company is also dedicated to ensuring your operation runs smoothly with on-demand support and hands-on training.

4. Bringing smiles to people.

Each day, Amazon also gives its DSPs the opportunity to delight thousands of customers with its customer-centric approach.

An excellent opportunity for diverse entrepreneurs

Amazon offers diverse entrepreneurs and their families a wonderful opportunity to start their own businesses with its Delivery Service Partner program.

A diversity grant program was recently launched by the company to help reduce barriers to entry for Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs. As part of its new commitment to funding startup costs, Amazon is also offering $10,000 for each qualified owner-operator to build their own business in the U.S. Ready to take the next step toward becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner?

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