Stock Picking Guide

How to Select Shares to Buy: Stock Picking Guide

A beginner’s guide on How to Select Shares to Buy in India: So, you are interested in the stock market and want...
Choose a Good Demat Account

Top 8 Effective Strategies to Choose a Good Demat Account

To Choose a Good Demat Account has become the de facto choice of most investors for participating in the equity markets. Demat...
Zomato IPO on Paytm Money

Zomato IPO on Paytm Money — Millennials make a big bet

Paytm Money, a leading digital brokerage platform offering the Zomato IPO from July 14th to 16th, has uncovered some interesting demographic insights on Indian...
Central Bank digital currency

RBI eyeing ‘phased introduction’ of digital currency

A central bank digital currency will facilitate new aspects to work for the regulators, which were earlier hard to execute. However, with a digital...
chit fund mobile apps India

Top 10 Chit Fund Mobile Apps You Must Know About

A chit fund is an age-old rotational savings scheme which is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent for decades. It is a...
the Zomato IPO

10 Key Things Investors must know about the Zomato IPO

The Zomato IPO, or initial public offering, of the food delivery company will take place this week. So far, this will be...
most Volatile Stocks

Top 10 Most Volatile Stocks in the market for 2021

Stock markets have always been volatile. A stock market jolt is always caused by economic ups and downs, political activities, and changes...
Jargon in Stock Market

Financial Jargon in Stock Market You Should be Familiar With

There are many Jargon in Stock Market. For the great number of returns it offers, investors are attracted to the stock market....
top crypto exchanges in india

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges in India to Trade in Cryptocurrency

After the order of the Supreme Court declared in the favor of cryptocurrency, India saw a boom in investment. These investments came...
Top performing stocks in India

Top 10 Performing Stocks in 2021 | Best Stocks in India

Do you know the mystery to Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala & Mohnish Pabrai’s immense wealth? It’s no...

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