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Cryptocurrency Economic & Finance Laws & Registration Laws & Taxes Technology

Crypto Maturation Journey: Farewell to Yacht Parties and NFT Craze, Embracing Regulation and Practical Technology

The crypto market is evolving and embracing regulation and practical technology over flashiness and NFT craze. Stay updated on the latest developments in the industry with our in-depth article on crypto regulation. Crypto is not dead, it’s just growing up and crypto needs regulations. At Messari Mainnet in New York City, I spent three days

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Games Laws & Registration Laws & Taxes Sports & Leisure

How the 28% GST on Horse Racing, Casino, and Real Money Gaming Will Affect the End User

The online gaming industry in India is facing a major challenge after the GST Council decided to impose a 28% tax on the full face value of bets placed in online gaming, casinos, and horse racing. This decision has sparked a lot of criticism and controversy from the industry players, who claim that it will

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Laws & Registration Laws & Taxes

Trust, corruption and sustainable development are interconnected issues in public’s attitude towards tax

Mumbai, September 13, 2023: The Public Trust in Tax survey which questioned 7,700 members of the public across the globe shows that accountants have a major role to play in addressing corruption, which negatively impact on attitudes towards tax in economies. Results show that 53.8% consider corruption a major factor, however most people believe the role of professional

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Data & Security Laws & Taxes Science & Technology Technology

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Calls for Regulating Bad AI Use Cases, without Stifling Technological Advancement

In New Delhi, IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna emphasized that artificial intelligence (AI) does require guardrails and regulations to prevent harm to users, but that the focus should be on regulating bad use cases, not on slowing down the technology. According to Krishna, AI will have a positive impact on certain repetitive and mundane

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Education Laws & Taxes

Board Exams to be Conducted Twice a Year as per Government’s New Curriculum Framework

New curriculum frameworks with groundbreaking changes have been released by the Ministry of Education in order to improve the accessibility and comprehensiveness of the educational system. From board exams to language studies, the upcoming framework aligns with the New Education Policy (NEP). Under the transformative curriculum, the traditional annual board examination will witness a significant

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Advisor Network Banking & Insurance Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes Market Overview Real Estate State & Urban

Impact of High Interest Rates on Home Buyers Across Segments

As we await the RBI’s monetary policy decision on the repo rate, let us examine the factors involved, and their implications on the Indian housing market across different home buyers segments. There can be various reasons for a hike in the repo rate, including inflationary pressure, rising food and fuel prices, excessive growth in the

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Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes

One in Four Taxpaying Citizens Still Haven’t Filed Their ITR Returns

Revenue Secretary Sanjay Malhotra recently suggested that taxpayers take steps to ensure their income tax returns ITR for the financial year 2022-2023 are filed before the July 31, 2023 deadline. Yet, a LocalCircles survey showed that 27% of the individual taxpayers polled had not submitted theirs yet, with another 14% claiming they will not make

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Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes

Tax Obligations for NRIs with Income in India: A Guide to Understanding the Rules and Regulations

If you live abroad, you qualify as a non-resident Indian NRIs for the specific financial year, as per the Income Tax Act. Even though they are not physically present in India, NRIs must fulfill their tax obligations on income earned from sources within India such as salary for services rendered here, interest generated from savings

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Advisor Network Banking & Insurance Laws & Taxes Personal Finance Wealth Management

Tax Loans: A Smart Financial Solution to Navigate Tax Season

Tax season is dreaded by many, and filled with fear of the unknown tax bill. For those that are unable to settle their total unpaid taxes in one lump sum payment or need assistance navigating annual IRS deadlines, tax loans can be a practical and smart solution for dealing with unexpected financial obligations due to

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Economic & Finance Laws & Registration Laws & Taxes Market Overview World Affairs

French inflation revised upwards to 5.7 pct in March

Francois Villeroy de Galhau, governor of the Bank of France, warned at the beginning of March that French inflation will persist in the country over the next two to three years. PARIS, April 14 (Xinhua) — The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) revised upwards on Friday the country’s March consumer price

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