fourth wave of coronavirus more dangerous

Here is why fourth wave of coronavirus infection is more dangerous

In this time the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly and it affects the young population more. Its symptoms are high fever, body...
coronavirus double mutant

Is the new strain of coronavirus double mutant in the country?

The case of coronavirus that is on the rise is the highest rate at this time. The new strain is at its peak as the...
coronavirus cases in India update

India becomes second-worst affected country after the United States

This is a frightening situation for India as each day coronavirus cases set a new record. India registered 1,68,912 cases in 24...
States face the shortage of vaccines

States face the shortage of vaccines – Reality or Politics?

Coronavirus infection is on the rise in almost every part of the world. There is no medicine designed to stop the virus from spreading....
coronavirus vaccine for animals

Is your pet need a vaccine for coronavirus?

The whole world is being influenced by the novel Coronavirus. A large number of infections are being recorded day by day. But vaccination campaigns...
coronavirus cases report India

Situation of India is going from bad to worse – Covid-19

As cases of coronavirus in India are increasing, the situation is getting worse day by day. A large number of people are getting infected...
effective vaccines coronavirus

Pfizer and Moderna are the two most effective covid-19 vaccines, study suggests

Most of the countries are running vaccination campaigns and millions of participants have also got their vaccination done.People are still waiting for vaccination because...
covid-19 vaccine campaign India

Coronavirus vaccination drive in India: Recent updates

The vaccination campaign is going on in India. People are being vaccinated throughout the India. The vaccination campaign is successfully going on in rural areas...
India stops exporting coronavirus vaccines

India stops its exporting of coronavirus vaccines

The second wave of coronaviruses is on the rise, the number of cases are increasing again every day throughout the worldwide.For India too, the situation...
Women coronavirus symptoms

Women of middle-age are worst affected by long covid, report says…

According to the research conducted by University of Glasgow, found coronavirus is most commonly affected in women aged 19 to middle age. Even women...

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