iPhone Maintenance Tips

10 iPhone Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Device Running

Your iPhone needs to be taken care of. They're expensive, after all.The last thing you want is to keep buying one every...
KBC cyber attack fraud

Innocent farmer in the clutches of 25 lakhs KBC fraud Racket

It is nearly everyday that we get to know about one or the other cyber fraud case happening in the country. But with the...
Writing clean code

6 Simple Tips On How To Start Writing Clean Code

You want to develop new software and for that, you need to learn to code. How to identify if the code a...
educate your company on AI fairness

The 10 Steps to Educate your Company on AI Fairness

In today’s era, it is important to educate your company on AI fairness. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used by companies, and...
Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal

List of the Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal

The status of Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal varies substantially from state to state. In many of them, it is still...
Internet Safety Rules for Kids

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules for Kids: To be Safe Online

In the digital age, where information is available to everyone, Internet Safety Rules for Kids have become extremely important. Today, even young...
Data scientists statistic assignments

Data Scientists’ Turn Against Statistics

A remarkable story is that of “big data.” The story coincides with the deterioration of the denominator. It also coincides with the...
big data security

Top Big Data Security and Privacy Challenges

Data isn't just defined in terms of its size, but also by other factors. In contrast, Big Data are datasets that conventional...
data and analytics technology trends

Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2021

The top 10 data and analytics technology trends for 2021. In the coming year, these trends can help organizations respond to change,...
Best Programming languages to learn

Top 10 Best Programming Languages to learn right now

There’s no question that software engineering is a hot career right now. The surveys have shown a 21 percent growth for programming...

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