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5 Benefits of Using Oracle E-Business Suite Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management are all mechanized by a suite of business software named Oracle E-Business Suite (SCM). Oracle EBS provides a further significant benefit in addition to automation. A single database that comprises all of the product modules makes reporting easier and offers a single source […]

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10 Tips To Give A Great Boost To The Concept Of IoT Security

Internet of things is the best possible password in today’s application world which is the main concept that people need to give a great boost to the IoT security and technicalities of the whole process. So, understanding the concept and scope of the IoT security challenges is very much important so that everyone will be having a […]

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Crypto Markets See Losses Of $428 Million In Q3, Hacks Remain The Top Concern

This new report shows that crypto has been decreasing by 36 percent since Q2 2022. The crypto losses are up to $428 million worldwide, most of which resulted from hacks and frauds. Crypto exchanges are more susceptible to hacking than fraud. The report said that fraud accounts for only 7 percent of the total losses […]

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A Blockchain Gaming Giant Says The Future Isn’t Far Off – Web3

Blockchain gaming giant ‘Yat Siu’, the cofounder of Animoca Brands expects the next generation of the internet to happen sooner rather than later. Web3 will feature decentralization, faster processing, and a more secure browsing experience. Within the next 18 months, there will be a wave of open metaverse participators. This is because within that time […]

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Over 45 Data Centres Spanning ~13 Mn Sft to Boot Up in India by 2025-end

Currently, there are 138 data centres (DCs) across India with ~11 Mn sft & 737 MW of IT capacity (building ready); at least 57% of the current IT capacity is in Mumbai & Chennai By 2025-end, altogether there will be 183 DCs in the country with ~24 Mn sft & 1,752 MW of total IT […]

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Metaverse: A double-edged sword

Imagine this: Within the next 10 years, you are in the metaverse and celebrating a successful business deal, but the joyful moment dissipates as it is quickly becoming apparent that the avatar (person) was not who you thought it was. Reality sets in. You have just become the victim of a cybercrime. Your financial assets […]

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Why Should You Work in IT? Here are top 5 reasons

If you are starting in the world of work and enjoy problem-solving and helping people, whilst committing to a philosophy of lifelong learning, then you may have already considered working in the field of information technology. In America alone, approximately three million people work in the IT industry in a diverse range of roles and […]

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The Secret to Choosing The Best Hosting Provider for Your Website

Nowadays, every business needs a website in order to thrive in the online market. Without a website, there’s little to no chance of competing against other companies let alone succeeding as an online business.  This is especially true today when consumers are almost constantly online. That said, consumers search for everything that interests them online. […]

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Why Do Businesses Need Cloud Computing Today?

Cloud-based technology has significantly evolved over the past few years. As you may already know, cloud computing was originally designed as an online storage solution which allowed businesses to store their data in remote data centers and access it whenever they want, from any location or device in the world.  However, cloud computing has become […]

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