Naturals beauty Salon story

This Story of Naturals Beauty Salon will Empower You : Women Empowerment

“Learn more to earn more is the mantra for all the budding entrepreneurs” quoted Mr C K Kumaravel, Founder, Naturals Beauty Salon....
Data Scientist Linkedin Profile

7 Steps for a Killer Data Scientist Linkedin Profile

With over 800,000 data scientist profiles registered on LinkedIn, it can be demanding to stand out from the crowd and be unique....
Operation headmaster - Education Scam Delhi

Operation Headmaster a sting operation conducted Zee Hindustan | Education Scam Delhi

Children of foreigners are studying openly in private schools under EWS (Economic weaker section) category in Delhi. For free admission in schools, the seats...
state-level competitive exams survey

Over 2 Million students preparing for various state-level competitive exams virtually; survey reveals

Nationwide survey conducted by Dhurina Ventures Private Limited, India’s leading e-Learning platform for state and regional competitive exams, revealed that Covid-19 across the country hasn’t discouraged the...
India Skills Competition 2021

10 finalists to represent the state of Goa at the prestigious India Skills Competition...

Mumbai, 24th August 2021; The state level selection for the prestigious India Skills Competition 2021 was hosted by V. M. Salgaocar Institute...
Career tips for professionals

4 Best Career Tips for Today’s Professional

We are truly living in a digital age and this influences every aspect of our lives, including our career and if you are about...
Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies That keep the World’s Biggest Secrets

The security of a nation is not only determined by its army, but also by its most powerful intelligence agencies. There are...
Greatest Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

10 Greatest Get-Rich-Quick Schemes to Avoid

Making money from home is appealing to everyone. Who wants to commute for an hour one way to a job in a...
Most-Appearing Olympians

India’s Top 10 Most-Appearing Olympians You Must Know About

Who are India'sTop Ten Most-Appearing Olympians in India? The longevity of a sports career is one of the most prized facets of...
Best Resume Builder Websites

Top 10 Best Resume Builder Websites for 2021

It’s true that there are a number of Best Resume Builder Websites, but some are superior to others.Additionally, some appear free, but...

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