government employee government-run school

Should teachers be government employees to deliver in government-run schools

The issue about vacancies of teachers in India has been simmering for quite a while now. Take the case of the year 2018-19, which...
best foreign languages to learn for jobs

10 Best Foreign Languages to learn for Jobs across the globe

If you can't decide what languages you should learn in 2021 and more suitable for the future, this guide will tell you...
top richest persons in the world

10 Top Richest Persons in the World | World’s top billionaires list

The list of the top richest persons in the World can vary from year to year, depending on their latest net worth...
women make priority

Why Women should make themselves a priority now

Throughout life, every woman plays several roles: caregiver, homemaker, employee, daughter, daughter-in-law, girlfriend, companion, and a variety of others. Attitudes, values, emotions, and experiences...
top business schools in india

Top 10 Business Schools in India | Ranks, Courses

India has thousands of institutes that offer management degrees. Also, few among this bunch offer quality faculty and are worth your money....
Edtech companies in India

Top 10 EdTech companies in India | Best EdTech Startups

EdTech companies in India have been in the news recently for various reasons. Due to the lockdown, they’ve had the opportunity to...
IT jobs are in demand in India

IT Jobs Are in Demand as Companies Go Digital

Since coronavirus pandemic, IT sector is on the rise, setting a new record. The demand for IT jobs are growing sharply. The companies like...
Chris Morris Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021

List of the Most Expensive Player in IPL 2021

Cricket hysteria in the form of the Indian Premier League is upon us with the first match. This season of the IPL...
Top most reputable jobs in India

Top 10 Most Reputable Jobs in India | High Paying Jobs

"Most Reputable jobs in India" In the scenario of growing job markets that have peaked and recessed through the decades, some promising...
Shruti Arts women entrepreneurs

What inspired to become an entrepreneur? Did you always love it or was it...

My journey into entrepreneurship was led by art. I am an artist and I trained at NIFT Delhi. After my post graduation I did...

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