Top most reputable jobs in India

Top 10 Most Reputable Jobs in India | High Paying Jobs

"Most Reputable jobs in India" In the scenario of growing job markets that have peaked and recessed through the decades, some promising...
Shruti Arts women entrepreneurs

What inspired to become an entrepreneur? Did you always love it or was it...

My journey into entrepreneurship was led by art. I am an artist and I trained at NIFT Delhi. After my post graduation I did...
Top Instagram Influencers in the world

The Most Famous Instagram Influencers in the World | Top Instagram Followers

We’re living in an age where almost anyone can become an influencer. All you need is a smartphone, a social account, and...
Office demands rise in IT/ITES firms

Subdued 2021 Office Demand Can Improve in 2022 Amid Robust IT/ITeS Hiring

Top 4 Indian IT/ITeS firms – TCS, Infosys, HCL & Wipro – together hired approx. 42,000 employees in first 9 months of FY...
coronavirus impact on college placement

Is coronavirus affecting your college placement? Ground Report

As the coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in large numbers, All sectors have affected from this virus. In this situation...
Best Motivational Speaker in India

10 Best Motivational Speaker in India | Top Motivational Speaker

We all have had or are going through a time in our lives where we feel lost. There are times when we...
Galaxshe women imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome among women is more common than you think

“Women need to get out of the imposter syndrome. They should not look down on networking. They need a club to champion them.”  This...
How to make yourself happy

How Can You Make Yourself Happy?

Today, we are blessed with everything but the one thing that we are missing is "happiness". Happiness is an essential element for...
top universities in the world

These Top 10 Universities In The World Ranked According To Their Infrastructure

Education is the basic fundamental need of society. In the world, there are several universities that offer people a platform to turn their life...
Job portals in India

Top 10 most powerful job portals in India

Remember the days when applying for a job was a tedious task. Submitting resumes to different companies needed consistent efforts. The scope of the...

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