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Food & Drinks Foods & Agricultural Retail

Why Onion Prices are Making Delhi-NCR Residents Cry: Will it Soon Cost Rs 100?

Since last week, onion prices have surged sharply in Delhi-NCR markets. Compared to Rs 30-50 a kilo last week, onion prices are now hovering around Rs 70-80 and are expected to reach Rs 100 by the first week of November. Due to a lack of production and a shortage of supplies, the vegetable appears to

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Top 3 Leading FMCG Stocks For Investors to Buy Now 

India’s FMCG industry saw double-digit value growth of ~10.2% in 1Q23, which exhibits a rise of ~2.6% in comparison to prior quarter. Value growth was supported by revival in consumption in rural markets and traditional trade channels, which were under pressure. Experts have seen stabilizing inflation arresting price growth, which declined from 7.9% in 4Q22

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Funding Investing Retail

ADIA will Invest ₹4.966.80 crores in Reliance Retail Ventures

Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, announced on Friday that a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) will invest Rs ₹4,966.80 crore into Reliance Retail. RRVL’s pre-money equity value is Rs 8.381 lakh crore, placing it among India’s top four companies. On a fully-diluted basis, ADIA’s investment will

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Ecommerce Retail

Small Online Sellers Plan to Turbocharge Their Ad Budgets for the Festive Season

With opportunity comes responsibility, Winston Churchill once famously said, and India’s online sellers are getting ready with a similar mindset at the start of the festive season. Despite muted sales in 2023, the small online retailers are opening up their wallets to spend on marketing in order to boost their stagnant fortunes and do better

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Retail State & Urban

Premium products are in high demand due to the rising affluence of small town consumers

For a long time, small towns in India have lagged behind big cities, but this has changed as a result of technology, rising income levels, and policies. The demand for premium products is on the rise as small town consumers become more affluent. The biggest generational change is that few people dream of living in

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Mobiles & Gadgets Press Releases Retail State & Urban

Get Ready for iPhone 15 Madness: Vijay Sales Stores Open Bright and as Early as 8am on September 22nd!

Vijay Sales, one of the leading electronics retail chains in India, is excited to announce that the iPhone 15 series will be available at all its 128 stores across the country. The renowned electronics retail giant is set to kickstart the iPhone 15 frenzy by opening its doors early at 8:00 AM on September 22nd,

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Economic & Finance Food & Drinks Foods & Agricultural Retail

Canada: Major Grocery Chains Join Forces to Stabilize Prices and Support Consumers

After talks to address a matter that is hurting the ruling Liberals, Canada five major grocery chains have agreed to help the government stabilize soaring prices, a senior minister said on Monday. After two hours of difficult discussions with the chains, Innovation Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne announced the decision. According to Champagne, if the Canada grocery

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3 Penny stocks to buy which have high FII holdings

Since investing in penny stocks comes with significantly high risk and increased volatile, investors are required to be 100% confident when they invest in penny stocks. Therefore, such investors should invest in penny stocks which have high FII holdings. Increased foreign investments can be a good measure which can make the investors confident. Penny stocks

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Beauty & Makeup Retail

Unveiling the Power of Perfection: The Rise of Tailor-Made Products in the Beauty Market

The new-age consumers, driven by the rising incomes of the middle class, seek beauty products that offer personalization instead of buying off-the-rack products. Consumers are seeking toxin-free products, products that are compatible with their specific skin tone (as opposed to fair & lovely preferences); and genderless beauty is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are also making

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These 2 retail stocks led the US markets higher Wednesday

On Wednesday, 2 retail stocks led the US markets higher as these stocks paid no heed to the current fears of slowing consumer confidence and global slowdown. Global investors saw possibility that US economy will hold up better than many people fear. Stock market benchmarks were up by over 1.5% at midday as optimism gripped

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