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Paytm ONDC sells nearly 6000 kg tomatoes within a week in Delhi-NCR, leads with over 60% market share

Paytm E-commerce Private Limited (PEPL) announced on Thursday that it has already sold nearly 6,000 kg of tomatoes within a single week through ONDC on the Paytm app. With this, Paytm ONDC leads the chart with 60% of the total tomato sales in Delhi NCR on the ONDC network. Paytm was the first to go live

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India’s Ban on Laptops and Tablets Imports: Everything You Need to Know

In an immediate move, the Indian government revamped its import policy and announced ban on laptops, tablets imports, all-in-one PCs, and more. Despite not being banned, these devices can only be imported by those holding a restricted import licence. The government said in a notification that laptops, tablets, all-in-one computers, and ultra-small form factor computers

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Why are these undervalued stocks trading higher?

Retail investors always look for some undervalued, unknown and emerging stocks. Retail traders have several methods which can help them uncover new information. Just to let the readers know, an undervalued stock is when the stock price falls to an amount which might be better valued than what the equity market gives it the credit

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Why Indian Consumers are Turning Towards Upcoming Local Brands

Along with Nestle’s two-minute Maggi, the category leader, many stores now offer ‘1 To 3 Noodles’ in Karnataka. Besides its stellar penetration of 35% in the state, this local brands caters to local tastes with a desi twist to instant noodles that comes with more masala. Similarly, North India-based Vasant Masala caters to the specific

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Floods in North India Push India’s Retail Inflation at 4.8% Higher than forecast

Inflation at 4.8% is higher than our forecast of 4.5% and clearly the path ahead looks grim given the progress of monsoon and the spread across key areas in the Deccan Plateau region. The food basket is beginning to bite with inflation of 4.8% here 9 states had inflation above the average while 6 had

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Adidas Finally Tackles Huge Inventory Problem with the Launch of Massive Yeezy Sale

Since its breakup with Kanye West, Adidas has struggled to dispose of 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) worth of Yeezy shoes, forcing it into a significant loss at the end of last year. Bjorn Gulden, Adidas’ CEO, said selling the popular shoe line would mean paying Ye royalties. Ye was dropped five months ago after

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70% MSMEs believe more than half of their retail sales will be via UPI

70% MSMEs believe more than half of their retail sales will be via UPI, was the key revelation of the NeoInsights study titled ‘Decoding Digital Payments: A Retailer Perspective’, released today by NeoGrowth, an MSME-focused digital lender in India.  The study was based on a comprehensive assessment of NeoGrowth’s customer data set of ~3000 retailers

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Zomato Faces New Challenges as Blinkit Strike Impacts Revenues: What Lies Ahead for the Startup?

With its efforts to control costs and achieve breakeven, Zomato is increasing the commission it charges its restaurant partners, while reducing the fee it pays its delivery partners. As a result of the latter, Zomato’s delivery partners in Delhi-NCR have been on strike for more than a week. ICICI Securities reports that this has resulted

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Despite marginal ARPU increases, Reliance Jio’s Q4 net profit increased 1.7% sequentially to $4,716 crore

According to Reliance Jio on Friday, its March-quarter net profit increased 1.7% sequentially to 4,716 crore from 4,638 crore in the December quarter. On an annual basis, its profit grew by 13%. On a yearly basis, revenue increased 12% to 23,394 crore, up from 22,998 crore in the previous quarter. On a sequential basis, revenue

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The Risks Of Online Shopping For Aging Parents

With an elderly parent who has memory problems, or who is a little confused, online shopping can become a trap for them. Occasionally, purchases don’t go as planned. A senior may lack the capacity to handle such situations, including difficult return instructions, or dealing with scammers attempting to take advantage of them. They may also

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