Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies That keep the World’s Biggest Secrets

The security of a nation is not only determined by its army, but also by its most powerful intelligence agencies. There are...
Central Bank digital currency

RBI eyeing ‘phased introduction’ of digital currency

A central bank digital currency will facilitate new aspects to work for the regulators, which were earlier hard to execute. However, with a digital...
Family Lawyer

Top Benefits of Finding a Reliable Family Lawyer

Guardianship cases can cause emotional pressure on both parents, especially if there is resentment between the parents. In this case, it may be challenging...
KBC cyber attack fraud

Innocent farmer in the clutches of 25 lakhs KBC fraud Racket

It is nearly everyday that we get to know about one or the other cyber fraud case happening in the country. But with the...
Feat for scholarship

Finplan International Education Announces 50% Scholarship for Deserving Students

Finplan International Education, India’s largest institution producing ‘Qualified Skilled Professionals’ by imparting ‘Globally Certified Professional Qualifications’ announces upto 50% scholarship for deserving...
Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal

List of the Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal

The status of Countries where Cryptocurrency Trading is Legal varies substantially from state to state. In many of them, it is still...
Voters with disability

Empowering Voters With Disability In Seeing To Verify Their Cast Votes

Section 11 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, states that the Election Commission of India and the State Election Commissions shall...
Model Tenancy Act for NRIs

Model Tenancy Act Brings Cheer to NRIs

The Union Cabinet’s approval for the Model Tenancy Act is being hailed as a landmark moment in Indian real estate. In one of the...
Housing Model Tenancy Act Mumbai

How Pune Will Gain from Model Tenancy Act

The much-needed Model Tenancy Act has finally got the Cabinet's nod and thereby brings on a new era of regulation for rental...
Weird Laws from Around the WorldWeird Laws from Around the World

Top 10 Weird Laws from Around the World 2021

What are the Weird Laws from Around the World? There are a lot of bizarre laws from around the world that we...

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