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Top 50 Best Insurance Companies in India

Insurance plays a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals and businesses against unforeseen risks and uncertainties. To assist you in making informed decisions, this article delves into the top 50 best insurance companies in India, shedding light on their performance, reputation, and the range of insurance products they offer. The most recent statistics and information about

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Best Industries Business CEO Network Entrepreneurs Leaders

10 Indian-origin CEOs Leading Top Companies Across the World

In today’s globalized business landscape, India has emerged as a powerhouse of talent and leadership, with several individuals of Indian origin at the helm of some of the world’s largest and most influential companies. These Indian CEOs of top companies have not only shattered glass ceilings but have also demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and resilience

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Best Industries Education Science & Technology Top 50

Top 50 EdTech Companies in India | Best EdTech Startups

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in the field of education technology, commonly referred to as EdTech. The edtech companies in India has been increasing ever since. With a burgeoning young population hungry for quality education and the increasing availability of digital infrastructure, the country has become a hotbed for innovative EdTech

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Best Industries Business Science & Technology Startups Technology Top 50

Top 50 Outsourcing Companies in the World

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, outsourcing has become a strategic imperative for companies seeking to enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and tap into specialized expertise. The practice of outsourcing has given rise to a vast industry of service providers that cater to a diverse range of needs across various sectors. This article delves into

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Best Industries Mobiles & Gadgets Science & Technology Technology Top 50

Top 50 Mobile App Development Companies Worldwide

The top mobile app development companies are taking a positive turn in the market in this digital era. In today’s digital age, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, entertainment, and functionality at our fingertips. Global app sales were expected to reach $581 billion in 2020. It is anticipated to

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Best Industries Business Careers Economic & Finance Entrepreneurs New startups Startup Guides Startups Top 50

Top 50 Unicorn Startup in India

India has emerged as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the rise of unicorn startups is a testament to this dynamic ecosystem. A unicorn startup in India is a privately held company valued at over $1 billion, and India has witnessed a remarkable surge in these transformative enterprises. In recent years, the country has

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Best Industries Ecommerce Funding New startups

Zepto raises $200 million to become the first unicorn of 2023

Unicorns are incredibly rare animals, even in the fiction world, and funding winters make them even harder to come by. Despite the fact that startups find themselves feeling the chill of a lack of venture capital, Zepto has managed to become India’s 84th unicorn with its latest fundraise. The beginning of the year saw 83

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Banking & Insurance Best Industries Business Economic & Finance Market Overview Top 50

Top 50 Companies in India by Market Capitalization

Welcome to the fascinating world of Indian business! In this article, we will explore the 50 top companies in India, showcasing the giants that have played a significant role in shaping the country’s economy. The HDFC Bank with $127.15 billion market capital, it comes to the first position. Following that, Infosys Limited with $76.80 billion

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Best Industries Business Business Plans Careers Entrepreneur's Guide New startups Startup Guides Startups

Top Business Ideas For 2023 That Can Make You Rich 🤑

Estimates place India’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) for FY22 at Rs. 232.15 trillion (US$ 3.12 trillion). The enormous contribution of countless new firms is reflected in these numbers. This post is perfect for you if you’re looking for the top business ideas for 2023! India has the third-largest unicorn population in the world, with over

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Advisor Network Best Industries Economic & Finance India's Richest Market Overview Science & Technology Stocks & Funds

These Entrepreneurs Featured On The List Of richest people after hit IPO

With more than 60 public offerings in 2021, investors have obtained fortunes for their investments. Among the IPO that granted these fortunes made huge profits – Latent View Analytics, MapmyIndia, Aether Industry, and Data Patterns. The Indian markets saw a bull run from mid-2020 up until late 2021. Investors and promoters made money, but analysts

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