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Coralogix raised $142M Series D Funding

Coralogix raised $142M Series D Funding to expand presence in India

Coralogix, a company using streaming analytics to rebuild the path to observability, today announced it has raised a $142 million Series D funding...
Diversity changing talent acquisition strategies

How is diversity changing talent acquisition strategies?

The current business world’s scenarios are evolving alongside a diverse workforce for enhancing talent recruitment strategies. Presently, businesses from across the globe are adopting...
Fraud risk hits Indian business hard

Heightened Fraud Risk Hits Indian Businesses Hard, Kroll Survey Reveals

MUMBAI, INDIA – May 31, 2022: Kroll, the leading provider of data, technology and insights related to risk, governance and growth, has revealed the results...
Broadband connection india

Top 5 Affordable Broadband Connections with high-speed internet

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a diverse range of broadband schemes to their users based on their needs. Price as well as speed are...
Best Active noise cancelling earphones

Best active noise cancelling earphones under Rs 10,000 from brands like Sony, Samsung, OnePlus

Active noise cancelling earphones are the best way to block out outside noise and improve your audio experience when you’re working or commuting. Active...
Instagram new features in 2022

Instagram New Features That Will Shape Your Social Media Experience In 2022

Instagram has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an app created for filter-free photos and cute selfies. Now, this is the...
Samsung metaverse

Samsung Is Adding To Its ‘AR’ Line-Up: It’s Developing Its Own Version Of ‘Metaverse’

What would it be like to see a new world through your phone and explore the streets with AR glasses? Well, don't...
seated VR games

A Guide to the Top ‘Seated’ VR Games of 2022

What do most people think of when they are asked about VR games experience? They imagine running around a blank room wearing a VR...
business need software developer

When Does Your Business Need A Software Developer?

Businesses today are moving in a fast-evolving digital landscape, and across different industries, companies rely on computer software for their day-to-day operations. Companies seeking...
Social media wall

Ideas To Create An Engaging Social Media Wall In 2022

Social media has taken over the internet. We know that because we see so many event organisers, business premises, DOOHs, Stadiums and more incorporating...

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