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How is diversity changing talent acquisition strategies?

The current business world’s scenarios are evolving alongside a diverse workforce for enhancing talent recruitment strategies. Presently, businesses from across the globe are adopting the essentials of a diverse workforce. Moreover, the business world witnessed a significant hike in productivity and innovation, especially after recognizing that diversity optimally enhances talent acquisition tactics.  Long story short,

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How can India’s IT sector retain women in the workforce?

In a country renowned for its booming IT industry, a crucial question looms large on the horizon: how can India’s IT sector retain women in the workforce? As technology continues to propel our world forward, it is disheartening to witness the underrepresentation of talented women in these transformative fields. According to BRSR, India’s IT sector

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The Importance of Soft Skills in Project Management

When it comes to project management, any project manager, no matter what industry they are engaged in, will tell you that it is inevitable that at some point during a project there will be conflicts. With so many individuals involved in a project there are always going to be different perspectives and opinions. The types

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Apple iPhone 14 Production Shifts to India, Breaking its Reliance on China!

Sources say the Apple iPhone 14 manufactured by Foxconn’s plant will be sold both domestically and overseasAt Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant near Chennai, Apple has begun production of its flagship iPhone 14. Both domestic and export markets will be served by the iPhone 14 manufactured at the plant. Is Apple iPhone 14 dividing its fan base?

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How to Build a Global Team of Remote Employees?

Have you recently embarked on a global expansion exercise? Thumbs up! Expanding globally is a big decision that can transform your business into a successful multinational corporation. One of the keys to a successful global company is a great workforce, and you’ll quickly learn that managing workers spread across several countries isn’t a simple task.

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How Many Types of Project Management Approaches Are There?

Imagine trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without a picture for guidance. Pretty daunting, right? This is what project management can feel like without the correct approaches. Unravel the chaos and uncertainty with the power of effective project management. Harnessing the right approach from the different types of project management available can propel your projects

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Top 50 Bloggers in India | Famous Indian Bloggers

If you are a blogger or want an inspiration, check out these top bloggers in India. Blogging has experienced significant growth as a viable professional option in India over the past few years. Given the huge number of people who are already connected to the internet—nearly 5 billion—it has become a popular method for creating

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In order to build the Vision Pro headset, Apple heavily relies on China

Despite Apple’s attempts to diversify its supply chains away from China, it seems the manufacturing giant is here to stay. According to Wellsenn XR, a China-based consultancy, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset relies heavily on Chinese suppliers, as evidenced by its latest bill of materials. Apple’s Vision Pro headset is made by eight Chinese

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How the Decline of Workplace Efficiency is Affecting the Global Economy

It doesn’t seem like we’re in the middle of a recession despite all the talk. The bars and restaurants are full nationwide. Airlines are bracing for record traffic. People are forking over thousands to see Taylor Swift. Americans are still spending recklessly.but negative forces are pulling the global economy down. There are so many jobs

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5 Things an Outdoor Construction Site Needs to Maintain Employee Productivity

Maintaining employee productivity on outdoor construction site requires careful attention to certain key factors. You need to ensure optimal productivity and a safe working environment, and it’s essential that your business has the right provisions in place. Here are some steps to ensure employee productivity on an outdoor construction site in Cleveland, OH. 1. Implement

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