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How to Build a Global Team of Remote Employees?

Global team remote employees

Have you recently embarked on a global expansion exercise?

Thumbs up! Expanding globally is a big decision that can transform your business into a successful multinational corporation.

One of the keys to a successful global company is a great workforce, and you’ll quickly learn that managing workers spread across several countries isn’t a simple task. Your labor costs can spiral out of control and threaten to derail your expansion efforts.

An effective cost management strategy you can implement is running a global team of remote employees. In this article, we’re sharing practical tips for building a strong, remote global team.

Let’s dive in.

Invest in Adequate Remote Work Infrastructure

It’s impossible to run a remote team, whether domestically or globally, without computer technology and the Internet. Traditional digital tools like email are fundamental for working remotely, but they’re barely enough, especially when you have a worldwide team.

You must invest in the right infrastructure before rolling out your global recruitment program. Ensure you have enterprise versions of collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom.

Most global companies also provide their remote employees with computers and often help pay for home internet subscriptions. It doesn’t make business sense to invest in state-of-the-art business software when your remote employees have old computers with slow internet connections.

Settle on a Global Recruitment Strategy

Starting a global recruitment drive without a comprehensive strategy is a sure way to run into big HR problems. Map out a strategy that suits your business and stick to it.

For example, you must decide whether you’ll conduct the exercise in-house or outsource to a company that offers employer of record solutions.

Outsourcing is by far the most effective strategy as dealing with legal and cultural issues in various countries can overwhelm your team. A global HR outsourcing firm with vast experience is best-placed to help you build a functional global remote team.

Grow Your Team Gradually

The temptation to go all out and build a big remote team during a global expansion can be irresistible. After all, you want to hit the ground running.

However, rapid team expansions can be fatal. Racking up a massive wage bill before the business proves its business model on a global scale can lead to a cash crunch.

A best practice is to start with a small team and expand as the need arises. Plus, when you have an HR outsourcing partner, it’s easy to fill up positions on short notice.

Maintain a Strong Internal HR Team

The effectiveness of your remote team strongly depends on the compensation of your in-house HR team. Whether you’re outsourcing recruitment or not, it’s the HR manager who will set the tone for the company’s workforce management practices.

As such, it’s vital to focus on strengthening your HR department that’s based in company headquarters. Hire a competent HR manager and invest in regular training for the HR team.

Building a Global Team Without Breaking a Sweat

A global business has many moving parts, but your labor force is the most important. Building a global team that works remotely is a smart operational decision, but there’s a lot that goes into putting it together. With these tips, you now know how to go about it.

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