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The Kerala Story: A true event or something else?

Bollywood’s latest release “The Kerala story” has sparked  widespread debate and divided opinions around the world due to the incidents shown in  the movie. But why is it so? People are either supporting or opposing it due to it’s portrayal of Hindu and Christian women converting and being admitted to ISIS. The film was released on

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Facts & Comment Leadership

Should women be allowed to compete against men?

Should women be allowed to compete with men?  Yes, it is valid to ask this question.  And why not, India is a country with a patriarchal society. So, it is also important to ask permission before competing. The debate over whether women should be permitted to compete against men in sports has been ongoing for

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The Risks Of Online Shopping For Aging Parents

With an elderly parent who has memory problems, or who is a little confused, online shopping can become a trap for them. Occasionally, purchases don’t go as planned. A senior may lack the capacity to handle such situations, including difficult return instructions, or dealing with scammers attempting to take advantage of them. They may also

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Economic & Finance Facts & Comment

Don’t Count Out the Dollar Just Yet: Why Its Demise Would Have Far-Reaching Consequences

As a result of multiple upheavals, the US’ unchallenged unipolar supremacy and the dollar’s primacy as the world’s reserve currency are under pressure. Due to the dollar’s reserve currency status, there is a virtually endless demand for it, allowing US companies to borrow money internationally. Approximately 88% of world trade in 2022 will be conducted

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How to defend against sextortion: A looming threat to online security

Read how extortionists are using sextortion schemes to lure unsuspected victims in compromising situations that spread to social networks and endanger one’s reputation. During a visit to a matrimonial website, a 27-year-old Hyderabad resident became friendly with a prospect and requested a video call. After the call ended, the subject witnessed her undressing, and he

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Facts & Comment Philanthropes

5 Reasons Why You Should Give to Charity

Need a reason to give back to society? Everyone knows that it feels good to give to charity. And nobody is going to take away the idea that it’s important to do your part in the world and give back wherever you can. But sometimes, it’s helpful to have a little bit of help to

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Cheers to Beer: 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know!

Are you a beer lover? Whether you’re the type who enjoys trying new craft brews or simply chugs down a cold one after a long day at work, we’ve got some interesting facts about your favorite beverage that will leave you saying “Cheers!” From the origins of beer to its surprising health benefits, join us

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Beauty & Makeup Celebrity Voice Facts & Comment Hollywood & Entertainment Top 50

50 Most Beautiful Women in the World 2023

There are several heart-touching quotes stating beauty lies in the eyes of beholders. Beauty is indeed a virtue that lies within a person, and it also lies in the way we look at beauty. It cannot be denied that visual beauty appeals to everyone, despite all these beautiful quotes. ‘Beauty attracts people.’ Women are by

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7 Entrepreneur Statistics of 2023 That Will Make You Want To Become One

Have you ever wanted to become an entrepreneur but were unsure how to go about it? Here is the motivation that you need! Review these seven entrepreneur statistics to get you inspired to start your own business in 2023.  No matter what profession you are in, you can enjoy a game of online Blackjack when

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What Are the 3 Biggest Contributors to Climate Change?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. The scientific consensus is clear: human activity is primarily responsible for the warming of our planet and the resulting changes in weather patterns, sea levels, and ecosystems. But what are the biggest contributors that are contributing the most to this problem and is

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