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Best Motivational Speaker in India
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Top 10 Best Motivational Speaker in India

Almost everyone has experienced or is experiencing a time in their lives when they feel lost. We do not always know if what we are doing is right. We all need a little encouragement from time to time. Here is where the best motivational speaker in India comes to the rescue.  Whatever field you are

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Bring Gender equality digitally through empowering women
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International Women’s Day 2023: Pledge for a digital solution to gender equality!

Nowadays, with the help of technology and innovation, gender equality can easily be practiced. Omen can study online, work online and train online. If they are in villages, they are doing their best by becoming an online tutor, YouTubers, software developers, managers, and so on.  Theme of the Year As the theme of this IWD,

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Board Exam is important for all! So, keep quiet and help the students as much as you can.
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How to deal with Board exam anxiety?

Choose many ways to relax and prepare well for the Test! Life goes on and on. So, why sit and mourn before a Board Exam and be anxious? Be on your own. Do what is in your control! Leave things that are out of control! Relax between studies and never ever worry! Exam anxiety is

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Strong at board exam
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How to be strong at board exam?

If you feel good about studying, then you will naturally be confident while facing exams, as you are well prepared for the same. Be responsible for what you are, then see the magic everywhere!

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India crypto industry bullish on hiring
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The Crash Is Just a Phase, the Crypto Industry Is Bullish on Hiring Again

For the last two months, the global cryptocurrency market cap has plunged from $1.7 trillion in the beginning of May to $929 billion. During the last two months, cryptocurrencies have lost tens of billions. The market cap is only $929 billion as of June 24. When the market it completely depend on investors with not

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5 must-read motivational books
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5 motivational books to help you succeed in any endeavour

Are you afraid of failures or are you feeling tired of putting efforts in something and not getting a fruitful result out of it? So don’t be depressed because success seems elusive or hard to achieve sometimes but it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the goal. People who achieve the most in life are keen

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happy life
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Three Rules for a Happy Life, According to Buddha

Everyone’s journey to a happy life is different and that’s okay. However, there are some things that will help you on your way, according to the Buddha. In this article, we share three of his most important teachings on happiness: Do not Hate Do not Compare Do not Worry Do Not Hate – If you

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Gita is not noun, it is a thought
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Gita is not a Noun, It is a Thought, It’s all about Actions and Pure Philosophy

Gita is not a Noun, It is a Thought, It’s all about Actions and Pure Philosophy said Justice Dipak Misra Hon’ble Former Chief Justice of India while interacting with PHDCCI members today. Virtually. Justice Dipak Misra Hon’ble Former Chief Justice of India, started his interaction with an example of Karma and Bhagya, he said, if you don’t

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India's unemployment crisis
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India’s Increasing Unemployment Crisis due to Covid-19

India’s unemployment crisis has increased due to Covid-19. According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and International Labour Organisation, the unemployment crisis has existed for six years. Furthermore, India’s youth is frustrated with the job crisis and opting to migrate to Canada. Last month India’s unemployment rate slumped to 7.9% from a 23.5% peak

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biggest Shark Tank Deal
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Top 10 biggest Shark Tank Deal of all time

The reality show Shark Tank, on which entrepreneurs pitch their most promising ideas to prospective investors. certainly has a fair share of innovation to offer. Thousands of entrepreneurs have given engaging demonstrations and presented “sharks” with investment suggestions in an effort to get their businesses off the ground-and many of them have succeeded. Here are

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