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How is diversity changing talent acquisition strategies?

The current business world’s scenarios are evolving alongside a diverse workforce for enhancing talent recruitment strategies. Presently, businesses from across the globe are adopting the essentials of a diverse workforce. Moreover, the business world witnessed a significant hike in productivity and innovation, especially after recognizing that diversity optimally enhances talent acquisition tactics.  Long story short,

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Breaking News: Fintech Startup Aspiration Set to Layoffs More Than Half of Staff

In a company-wide restructuring, Aspiration, a fintech startup company based in California, plans to let go of 180 employees. The layoffs will affect both remote employees and those based out of Aspiration’s Marina Del Rey headquarters. Aspiration’s last layoff took place in December, when the company cut about 100 employees. Olivia Albrecht, CEO of the

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Plan Your Next Trip with Ease: The Smart New Tools from Google

In preparation for the busy travel season, Google plans to make traveling hassle-free for its users. The tech giant has introduced a few new features-tools from Google Search that aim to assist travelers in finding affordable flights and hotels and suggest activities to do while on vacation. Three new search features are expected to be

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How this Youtube channel becomes a billion dollar company – India’s first profitable unicorn startup

The new and latest edtech company to enter the Indian unicorn club is PhysicsWallah, who raised $100 million in Series A funding from Westbridge and GSV Ventures. Their startup has a valuation of 1.1 billion dollars. PhysicsWallah is the first ed tech company to reach a valuation of over $1 billion. Overall, 101 companies in

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Best active noise cancelling earphones under Rs 10,000 from brands like Sony, Samsung, OnePlus

Active noise cancelling earphones are the best way to block out outside noise and improve your audio experience when you’re working or commuting. Active noise cancelling earphones are a must-have for people who live in noisy environments. Here are some of the best active noise cancelling earphones under Rs. 10,000. In this article, we’ll be

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Instagram New Features That Will Shape Your Social Media Experience In 2022

Instagram has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an app created for filter-free photos and cute selfies. Now, this is the most popular social media network with over 1 billion active monthly users around the world. In an article published on Tech Insider, these top updates and new features of the Instagram

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Samsung Is Adding To Its ‘AR’ Line-Up: It’s Developing Its Own Version Of ‘Metaverse’

What would it be like to see a new world through your phone and explore the streets with AR glasses? Well, don’t wait for too long. Samsung has already started testing its own Metaverse! Come find out how it’s going to work and what can and can’t be done in this new operating system right

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Top 10 latest design trends to watch in 2022

A graphic design trend is more than just a fad: it represents an upended version of a year’s worth of constraints and clichés. If that were the case, design would be monotonous. Presenting the 10 latest design trends to watch in 2022. There’s no denying that trends do matter, and that we do follow them to

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How to Build a UGC Pipeline for Your Business

Like any other marketing strategy, building a UGC pipeline is important. However, not every brand is familiar with what it takes to put up user content. If you are looking for a guide to learn about UGC, and how to increase your business traffic, look no further than this article. How about we check out

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New ad guidelines issued for cryptocurrency by ASCI

On Wednesday, the ASCI issued a set of ad guidelines for cryptocurrency products and NFTs. Furthermore, The guidelines apply to all adverts released or published on or after April 1.  The disclaimers issued by ASCI read, “Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss

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