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Amazon To Invest $4 Billion In AI Startup Anthropic Inc. will invest as much as $4 billion in Anthropic, giving the startup a boost in its quest to become a major player in generative artificial intelligence. Anthropic will use Amazon Web Services’ homegrown chips to train the models it uses to power chatbots and other applications under the deal, which involves moving most

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The Silent Threat: Unveiling How Attackers Use Email Inbox Rules to Move Data and Elude Detection

Barracuda, a leading provider of cloud-first security solutions, has unveiled a new Threat Spotlight, that shows how attackers can misuse email inbox rules in a successfully compromised account to evade detection while they – among other things – quietly move information out of the corporate network via the breached inbox. Not only this, but attacks can also

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Indian Public Sector Data Leaders Prioritize Governance: 65% focus on Data Strategy

Delhi – August 24, 2023 – Public Sector Chief Data Officers in key Asia Pacific markets are currently prioritising governance, security and compliance amid the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, highlighting a sense of caution and reduced focus on innovation in data analytics, according to new research from Qlik. A shift in traditional reporting structures is

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List of Google Offices in India and around the World

A growing number of Google offices around the world have opened up as Google’s international influence has grown. Google opened offices in India around 2004-05, and you’ll find a comprehensive list of Google offices in India here. In India, Google currently has four offices, located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad. Google India manages the

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Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud: how tech giants performed in June quarter

Second quarter results of tech giants (i.e.,, Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Alphabet Inc‘s Google) have disclosed that there is a significant shift in dynamics of technology industry. Experts believe that enterprise expenses on cloud infrastructure services saw an increase of $10 billion year-over-year to touch $65 billion, exhibiting 18% growth rate, which is only slightly

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How Your Business Can Save Money With Intelligent Technology

In the modern world, where technology is used in every sphere, you can’t imagine a large-scale business process without the application of one or another tech. Especially since 2020, when coronavirus marked big modifications for everyone, and made companies worldwide start changing their policies to stay afloat. The question is, how could you implement this

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45% of Indian organizations hit with ransomware attack in 2022 were repeat victims

India, MARCH 28, 2023 —  Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-first security solutions, today published its 2023 Ransomware Insights report, which shows that 73% of the Indian organizations surveyed report being hit with at least one successful ransomware attack in 2022 — and 45% say they were hit twice or more. The

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Securing the Cloud: Best Practices for Software Developers

Picture this: You’re a software developer building the next big thing. Your creation is soaring in the cloud, but there’s a storm brewing. The dark clouds of cyber threats are looming, and you know securing your masterpiece is essential. So, what do you do? Fear not, my friend! We have the ultimate guide to securing

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5 Benefits of Using Oracle E-Business Suite Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management are all mechanized by a suite of business software named Oracle E-Business Suite (SCM). Oracle EBS provides a further significant benefit in addition to automation. A single database that comprises all of the product modules makes reporting easier and offers a single source

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10 Tips To Give A Great Boost To The Concept Of IoT Security

Internet of things is the best possible password in today’s application world which is the main concept that people need to give a great boost to the IoT security and technicalities of the whole process. So, understanding the concept and scope of the IoT security challenges is very much important so that everyone will be having a

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