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Google announced to eliminate its feature ‘auto-sync’ from google drive

Google has decided to discontinue its features with automatic sync since July.

Nowadays, our mobile phones do not only work to talk about Fast Lifestyle, but most of our data is also saved in our phones, but once the mobile is lost, all the data along with the same photo in the phone would also go. But when the Google Drive and Google Photos feature a feature to auto-sync all photos in mobile, the tension has reduced slightly since then.

We knew that Google is the only one .. If we forget … the drive will save our photos automatically and whenever we will remove our photos online. But Google has decided to discontinue its features with automatic sync since July.

Google has decided to eliminate this feature based on user’s feedback. Google received complaints from the users in synchronizing the Google Photos and Google Drive therefore, they are having confusion in auto-sync. That means Google Photos and Google Drive will not be automatically synchronized from now.

We will not found the Google drive data in Google Photos from the next month. Similarly, we will not found the google photos which was saved in Google Photos on Google Drive.

That means, if someone wants to remove the pictures from Google Drive then it will not be deleted from Google Photos. We will need to delete the photos from Google Photos as well in order to do that. We will have to remove the data separately from each application. It will not be automatically deleted from now.

With this, Google has also added a new feature “Upload from Drive”. It has more control options when users copying and pasting the data from Google Drive to Google Photos. This feature will help in selecting and transferring the data from Google drive to Google Photos. Thus, users can easliy move the pictures from drive to photos. And there would be no link in the media files when you transfer the data.

The users can also take the benefit synchronization and the newly added features even after eliminating the feature of automatically synchronization. Thus, users have more features or control options this time than ever before.

Google has also mentioned in his blog that there would no changes in the previous data uploaded into Google Drive and Google Photos. That means if a user has a photo folder in google drive then it will remain present there, vice-versa. All the files are in the same place. There would not be any changes in the past data. But it will not be automatically updated or Synchronize from July.

Google always try to maintain a user-friendly policy and update its features from time to time in order to serve the better and qualitative service to its users.

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