Top 10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in India

Cloud computing in 2021 has become the de facto choice of IT due to its popularity. Presenting the list of the Top 10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in India.

cloud computing companies in india
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Here is a list of Cloud computing companies in India. These are the giant organizations involved in cloud-based business such as cloud development, security, data storage, and application development. The ranking process of these cloud computing companies in India is frequently being updated.

1. Tata Consultancy Services

  • Name of founder: J.R.D Tata
  • Year of establishment: 1968
  • Turnover: US$ 2.59 billion
  • Products or Services: application development, business process outsourcing, capacity planning. Moreover, consulting, enterprise software, hardware sizing, and also payment processing.
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Website name:

TCS or Tata consultancy service is a leading cloud computing service provider to the IT industry. They also provide various cloud services such as cloud advisory, cloud development and migration, cloud development and assurance, cloud environment build and management and disaster recovery services.

2. Infosys

  • Name of founder: N. R. Narayana Murthy, S D Shibulal, N. S. Raghavan, Ashok Arora
  • Year of establishment: 1981
  • Turnover: US$ 1.72 billion
  • No. of employees: 160,227 (September 2013)
  • Products or Services: Oracle application, E-business suite, and also Seibel field service
  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Website name:

Infosys is a global consulting, information and outsourcing organization which also offers cloud computing service and a leading player in Cloud Computing Companies in India. Furthermore, the company started cloud operation in the year 2008 and focused to provide a stack of three clouds one for development and the other two for production and clients.

3. Wipro Limited

  • Name of founder: Mohamed Hasham Premji
  • Year of establishment: incorporated on 29 December 1945
  • Turnover: $6.9 billion for the financial year 2013
  • No. of employees: 147,000 employees
  • Products: application service, management service, and also consulting service. Moreover, business process outsourcing, cloud service, etc.
  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Website name:

Wipro is one of the giant leaders in the IT industry which also offers cloud-based services such as virtual cloud lab solutions, gateway, custom cloud platform engineering, and also differentiated application engineering. It is a leading name in the list of cloud computing companies in India.

4. Zenith InfoTech Limited

  • Name of founder: Akash Saraf
  • Year of establishment: It was established in the year 1996
  • Products and Services: VM aware storage, sandbox and also testing. Moreover, Back Office support to Cloud Computing
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Website name:

Zenith InfoTech is a leading security, cloud computing, and also a IT solution provider which was founded in the year 1996. With the brand name of Tiger Cloud and BDR G14 for cloud service, storage, disaster recovery, and backup. Its India headquarters is located in Mumbai and also Company’s US office is located in Pittsburgh.

5. Reliance Data Center

  • Nameof founder: Shri Dhirubhai Ambani
  • Year of establishment:1932
  • Products: DC Build & Maintain, T Infrastructure Services, also application Management Services. Moreover, Colocation Services, IT Infrastructure Services
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Website name:

Reliance Data Center, a division of Reliance Communications, spread across 6,50,000 sq ft of hosting space. It also owns and operates nine level 3 data centers at multiple locations. Moreover, spearheads Data Center operations of India’s largest Integrated Telecom Service Provider.

6. Wolf Frameworks

  • Products: managing infrastructure, application innovation, also customer centric application UX
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Website>name:

Wolf Frameworks is a web application designing and also development platform as a service based in India and also in United States and represented via partners worldwide.

7. Kissflow

  • Year of establishment – 2003
  • No. of employees – More than 50
  • Products – Model design, process design, form design, also action design
  • Location- Chennai, India
  • Website name-

Founded in 2003 as Orangescape, Kissflow is a leading cloud-based B2B Indian tech company offering disruptive SaaS platforms for business process, also workflow automation and digital workplace. Chennai, India, are its headquarters and also, the company have operations in North America. 

8. InstaCompute – Tata Communication

  • Corporate office Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Establishment – 1972
    Business – Communication and also IT service
  • Website – 

Instacompute is a Tata communication company/product which offers a cost effective cloud computing solution. It is also one among the top cloud companies in India providing flexible payment, security, round-the-clock technical support and uses basis pricing. Moreover, it truly deserves to be in the list of Best Cloud Computing Companies in India.

9. Cirrologix Private Limited

  • Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Establishment – 2010
  • Business – Cloud computing
  • Website –

It is a software development organization which also offers cloud based services, software integration, maintenance and also designs. Moreover, the company is partnering with cloud industry giant Sales force and has a strong base of clients including Leads berry, Makessence and DC design.

10. Ctrls Datacenters Limited

  • Corporate office – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Establishment – 2007
  • Business – Data Security and cloud computing service
  • Website – 

Established in 2007, Ctrls is also one among the top 10 Cloud computing companies in India. The company also offers reliable and best data security service which includes complete infrastructure, storage, data management and also network. Moreover, it truly deserves to be in the list of Best Cloud Computing Companies in India.

The Cloud Computing Companies in India mentioned above are the best choices for businesses in India and around the world. Finally, take a look at their features to make the right decisions for your needs. 

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