Spacious House Plans for You and Your Family

Spacious house

Is your family growing?  Are you running out of space between children, work from home and out-of-town guests?  Owning a spacious house is a luxury, but in certain circumstances, it can become almost a necessity.

Do You Need a Bigger House?  

A good “rule-of-thumb” for determining how much hose you need is to allocate 600 – 700 square feet for each person in the family.  A family of four should start looking for homes that are 2400 – 2800 square feet.

If you have more household members than that you should consider looking at 5 bedroom house plans.  When your family is small, your young children can share a room.  As they get older they are each going to need their own room.  Having spacious house enough bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family just isn’t possible in a small home when you have a growing family.

Do you have frequent out-of-town guests?  Having a separate guest room that is available makes it easier to accommodate guests and family members who want to visit in this case you must have spacious house.

Do you have ageing parents who would benefit from being under your care and watchful eye?  It is getting more common for families to take care of ageing parents.  Having the space for an in-law’s quarters lets you accommodate an elderly relative’s right to privacy and at the same time lets them interact with their grandchildren and be part of a larger family.

During the recent pandemic, many professionals made the transition from the corporate office to the home office.  Dedicating a space for your home office that is a quiet organized place to work can provide relief from commuting every day.  

A larger home is more able to accommodate your hobbies or special interests.  Regardless of what your hobby is, having a room you can dedicate to it, is a nice luxury.

Talk with your spouse and members of your family and find out what they would like to see in their home.  Spend time choosing the right size home for you and your family.

Design Options for spacious house

Larger homes offer more amenities than smaller homes.  Larger homes typically include open floor plans, high ceilings, large windows, more bathrooms, relaxation spaces and covered patios.  

When you are designing and building a larger home make sure it includes the comforts and upgrades that suit your taste and lifestyle. These are some design ideas that many others have decided to incorporate.

Gourmet Kitchen

Imagine the kitchen of your dreams with new state-of-the-art appliances, plenty of counter space and a huge pantry.  Unlimited storage for ingredients, pots, pans and all the tools and utensils you need to prepare gourmet meals.

You’ll have room for a kitchen island and lots of cabinets and drawers for storage.  You can add stove-top faucets, frying stations, warming tables and counter-top steamers.  

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then adding a gourmet kitchen will entice every chef in the family to try their hand in the kitchen.  It will become the centrepiece of future holidays and celebrations, and provide lasting memories.

A hearth room is a great addition for those houses having enough space to support one.  The original idea of a hearth room was as an extension of the kitchen.  A space where family members can keep the cook company.  Nowadays they are used for casual entertaining and time together

Formal Dining Room

Many families prefer to keep the tradition alive with a formal dining room.  Modern kitchens often have informal eating spaces, but some families still prefer to spend holidays and family get-togethers over a family dining table.  

It’s an old tradition that involves memories of times gone by when food was brought from the kitchen and meals lasted for hours. Family stories and remembrances are shared which create lasting bonds between the generations.

Master Suite with Sitting Room

Large master suites with sitting rooms and en-suite bathrooms are standard on most luxury home plans.  Whether you prefer the master bedroom on the ground floor or secluded on the second floor, master suites usually come with his and her walk-in closets and lots of storage space.

Including a sitting room attached to your master bedroom gives you a refuge from the world.  A place to spend some quiet time reading, thinking or otherwise having some undisturbed time to yourself.

Master Bathrooms

There is nothing like a spacious master bathroom with soaking tubs, double vanities, saunas, and other spa-like amenities to provide a level of comfort and luxury after a stressful day.

In-Laws Suite

Bigger homes make it easier to accommodate live-in guests.  You will have the space to allow an elderly parent, in-law, or guest to move in and maintain their independence.  Guest rooms are furnished with their own bathrooms and closets.

If your home and estate are large enough you can use the space to house an au pair or housekeeper.  These spaces are usually designed with separate kitchens and entrances.

Home Office

Some homeowners choose plans with a larger number of bedrooms to ensure space for specific needs.  This could be a designated office space, a private gym or a media room.

If you decide on an office for those work-at-home days, you can organize it to be efficient and convenient.  Once you experience not having to commute, you’ll appreciate working from home that much more.

Game Room

Game rooms and recreation spaces give you and your family another place in the house to gather for fun times.  

Having a pool table or ping-pong table can provide hours of fun and relaxation for all members of the family.  Add a big-screen television and comfortable couches and you have a great spot for watching the big game and spending time with friends.

Bigger homes come with increased costs and increased maintenance.  Make sure your budget can afford the expansion.

If you are planning a luxury home only work with licensed professional contractors.  These professionals can give you good advice about what to include in your home and make suggestions about amenities based on hard-won experience.

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