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10 Best Horror Movies of All Time | Scariest Horror Movies in the world

In the age of geekery, governing supremes and academics no longer dismiss the genre as disreputable regularly. There is talk of “elevated horror,” of artier explorations of dread and fear. Additionally, they are designed to engage your brain more than simply dispensing brain splatters. As a way of recognizing these intensely primal, personal films, we have compiled this list of the 10 Best Horror Movies of All-Time.

Let’s start the list of 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time.

1. THE EXORCIST (1973)

Friedkin’s adaptation of the eponymous novel about the attempted banishment of demons in a demon-possessed child became the highest-grossing R-rated Best Horror Movies of All Time. At the Oscars, the movie was also nominated for Best Picture (it garnered nine other nominations and won two trophies). Out of its critical and commercial momentum, however, the film is renowned for its overwhelming public response, from protests over its content to reports of audience members experiencing nausea and fainting. Its tense pace and slightly dated effects may seem quaint compared to more contemporary horror, but there’s no denying the impact the film continues to have on those who watch it for the first time.

2. HEREDITARY (2018)

Best Horror Movies of All time

Ari Aster’s feature directorial debut was a big flop. It is a dark family drama that explores the nature of grief within a supernatural horror film. As bedeviled mother Annie, Toni Collette earned a place among the illustrious Oscar snubs. However, the biggest shock came from a courtesy. In short, Hereditary struck such a chord with moviegoers that it turned Aster into a director to watch and rocketed him into second place on our list.


Best Horror Movies of All time

Insidious, Dead Silence, Saw, and Dead Silence are only some of Wan’s horror films. Using the paranormal research of Ed and Lorraine Warren as inspiration for this chiller. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portrayed the Warrens, who are best known for their involvement in the Amityville Horror movies (which influenced The Conjuring 2). Its effective jump scares and freakout flashes were grounded in a believable sense of world-weariness. The result is a sprawling cinematic universe that only continues to grow as Wan and his collaborators find fresh terror in familiar genre tropes.


4. THE SHINING (1980)

Best Horror Movies of All time

There are dozens of Stephen King’s novels and stories that would work well on the big screen. Several of these films are termed classics today, like Carrie, Misery, and Pet Sematary. Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining is without a doubt the best of them all. This film is an astonishing feat of set and production design, telling an incredibly unnerving tale of haunted houses. There are many memorable images in The Shining, including Jack Nicholson’s performance. Although there are relatively few jumps scares in the film, they are still absolutely terrifying. Its true power lies in how it makes you feel Jack Torrance’s slow descent into madness. It’s rightfully regarded as one of the best horror movies of all time.


Best Horror Movies of All time

Tobe Hooper directed and co-wrote the low-budget slasher loosely inspired by Ed Gein’s evils. Dingy aesthetics helped Texas Chainsaw gain an authentic feel, which added to its scare factor. Leatherface helped pave the way for other scoundrels like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees with his massive, menacing appearance. The franchise has undergone multiple trials.


6. THE RING (2002)

Best Horror Movies of All time

It’s never easy to take something that works well in one culture and translate it successfully to another, but Verbinski managed that with The Ring. A cursed videotape the subject of this remake of Hideo Nakata’s acclaimed thriller. In Verbinski’s adaptation, a young girl in a white dress with long black hair covering her face remains the most striking visual representation of the original film, and it continues to frighten audiences regardless of their background. The film did not receive the same level of acclaim as its predecessor. But Naomi Watts played a key role in the film, and for many, it was their first exposure to East Asian horror cinema.

7. HALLOWEEN (1978)

Best Horror Movies of All time

With this film, Jamie Lee Curtis became the all-time scream queen and John Carpenter became a household name. The slasher genre, commonly referred to as Halloween, popularized in the early 20th century. In a relatively small package, it carries the tautness and inventive thrills we’ve come to expect of films in that genre. In addition, the film’s legacy is somewhat forbidden: Michael Myers’ mask has become a legend, as has the giant killer, unstoppable “final girl,” and all the other characters from the movie. It is also one of the best horror movies of all time. That’s why the franchise continues to exist after over 40 years.


8. SINISTER (2012)

Best Horror Movies of All time

Scott Derrickson has directed several horror films, some of which gained cult followings. A haunted house/possession story about a true-crime writer (Ethan Hawke) was one of them. Someone who moves his wife and kids into a house where a murder has taken place might find out that the new home is already occupied by a rather evil person. In terms of drama, there were more offensive set-pieces and less recycled genre comparisons. 



9. IT (2017)

Best Horror Movies of All time

It’s a very real fear of comics, even if it’s so commonplace to advertise it that it seems deceitful. For further proof, check out the box office performance of Stephen King’s 2017 novel adaptation IT. As a result, the movie broke The Exorcist’s 44-year record as the highest-grossing horror film.

10. INSIDIOUS (2010)

Best Horror Movies of All time

The story is about a young boy who channels a malevolent ghost while in a coma. Storytelling-wise, it wasn’t particularly groundbreaking. Leigh Whannell, a frequent collaborator of Wan, added compelling mythology that spawned three more movies.

The list of the Best Horror Movies of All-Time comes to an end here. It’s going to be a spooky weekend, so grab your popcorns.

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