Top 10 Most Scariest Places on Earth that will freak you out

most Scariest places on Earth

Are there any Most Scariest Places on Earth? The macabre, the mysterious, as well as the terrifying. There is a huge appeal to visiting haunted places these days for the contemporary traveler. The world is full of unique locations, but few stand out. Adventurers pay top dollar to experience a morbid thrill.

You won’t want to turn off the light for weeks coming if you’re tired of your ordinary Halloween at home. Here are a few places you’ll want to visit. The most terrifying places in the world, compiled here.

1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Known as one of the world’s spookiest places thanks to the hit TV show Chernobyl, the city and surrounding exclusion zone bearing the same name is now a tourist hot spot. In 1986, Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor melted down, blanketing the area with deadly radiation and forcing the city to evacuate. Ultimately, this turned the city into a museum of its era and made it a ghost city.

There is plenty to explore at the abandoned Pripyat amusement park, including the ashen apartment blocks and the unnerving Ferris wheel. The radiation has not only affected them, but also the population of wolves, bears, and strange animals roaming the landscape. This contamination could also cause mutations in the animals as well. A guided tour is strongly recommended in this apocalyptic landscape for your safety.

2. Snake island  

Brazil’s Government has banned travel to an island just off its coast.
One to five Golden Lancehead Vipers has been found per square meter in this slithering hell. Its venom, five times more powerful than that of its mainland counterparts, can melt human flesh and attack large birds from treetops. From a safe distance, you can admire this location.

3. Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, the Darvaza Crater is a literal depiction of hell on Earth. It has been called the Doorway to Hell for a reason.

As a drilling rig plunged into a natural gas cavern in 1971, a chasm said to have formed. As a precaution against an ecological disaster, Soviet geologists also ignited the deposit, resulting in a pit that has been burning like a hellfire for years. The sinister beauty of the city at night attracts tourists from all over, even though it isn’t the gateway to the underworld.

4. Poveglia Island, Italy

There are many legends in regards to the haunting of this small picturesque isle near Venice.

It’s no surprise that the island has given a wide berth for generations since it was once a quarantine zone for plague patients in the late 1700s. The 1920s saw Poveglia turn into a mental asylum straight from a horror movie. In legend, a cruel doctor committed suicide off the bell tower of asylum after seeing visions of the patients he brutally tortured. What’s left of those rusted old structures on the island said to possessed by the same patients. Once Poveglia’s horrific past became known, the plan to turn it into a luxury resort was abandoned. The island not supposed to visit, but if you’re desperate, you might be able to get there from Venice. After dark, avoid going there.

5. Nagoro, Japan

Nagoro is the creepiest of them all. A small Japanese village has something very wrong, as life-size dolls now outnumber the living inhabitants 10 to 1.

Tsukimi Ayano, a local toymaker, also started making dolls after her neighbors passed away. The deceased population of Nagoro has since been replicated. In the village, there are numerous disturbing dolls in life-like positions, including in school rooms, parks, and ashore as fishermen.

6. Hashima Island, Nagasaki

You would have seen Hashima Island as Raoul Silva’s lair in Skyfall if you had watched the movie.

Nagasaki, Japan, is home to the walled city of Hashima, also known as “Battleship Island”. The once-powerful underwater mines have long since closed, leaving buildings built for their workers to live in. A ghost city around the ocean, Hashima was abandoned in 1974. Hashima is utterly unnerving – a sense of loneliness coupled with the foreboding structures littered with belongings makes the idea of being marooned never leave your mind.

7. The Parisian Catacombs

The ancient catacombs of Paris are one of the best places on earth to explore if you like the macabre. Considered to be one of the most scariest places on Earth. In a tunnel filled with human bones and skulls dating back to the 18th century when overhead cemeteries overflowed, an estimated six million people are entombed. It’s recommended to take a guided tour of the haunted catacombs so that you don’t get lost.

8. Akodessewa Market, Lomé, Togo

This market holds and sells the world’s largest Voodoo relics and renowned throughout Africa.

The talismans of the mysterious arts will be uncomfortable in the way they are like the imaginings of a Haitian voodoo paradise. Unless you are in good health, you should avoid Akodessewa like the plague. Nevertheless, if you are curious about the dark side, you might enjoy it. Avert your eyes from animal heads, ground bones, and skulls that look suspicious.

9. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, South Korea

A future series of American Horror Story could be based on the history of the much-feared and abandoned Gonjiam psychiatric facility in South Korea. It is among the most scariest places on Earth.

The hospital forced to close when patients began mysteriously dying. Whoever the story is, most of the hospital’s tables, chairs, and beds left behind after abandonment. Despite rusty barricades, the hospital looks terrifying. There are also rumors of tortured spirits in the shadowy halls and examination rooms. Several thrill-seekers have reportedly run screaming from the location. Many of them also have even suffered injuries from frightening encounters within the hospital’s peaceful corridors.

10. The hill of crosses, Lithuania

There are two centuries of crucifixes and religious icons adorning a hill in northern Lithuania that evokes images of Bram Stoker/Dracula.

Different-sized and-typed crosses abruptly appear in the sky, as chimes ring eerily. It has long regarded as a symbol of Lithuanian independence by the local population. The Most Scariest Places on Earth also has bulldozed by numerous governments only to be rebuilt under the cover of darkness. A full moon on a gothic hill is spine-tingling, but its origins remain a mystery.

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