Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools

free pdf to word converter tools

Are you looking for a free PDF to Word converter that maintains the originality of your document? Then this article is just for you! While it sounds difficult to convert your PDF file to a Word document, the internet has made it easy. There are several online free PDF to word converter that helps you convert your file to a Word document without losing any fonts, layouts, or graphics.

Besides, you can also edit your document without worrying about the changes. These free PDF to word converter tools helps you get an easy conversion with high quality. Moreover, it is mostly a one-click process so it’s highly time-saving for you. In this article, we have discussed the best free PDF to word converter tools that you can use online. Continue reading to know about them!

What is a PDF?

The file type known as a PDF, or Portable Document Format, was developed by Adobe. Regardless of the readers’ software, hardware, or operating systems, it offers a simple and dependable way to exhibit and exchange documents. You can use programmes like Adobe Reader, SumatraPDF, a browser, or any other PDF reader to open a PDF file. The acronym for this file format and its features is PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format.

What is Word Document?

Microsoft Word was created by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie in 1983. It is often referred to as Winword, MS Word, or just Word. It is a potent word processor that enables users to produce documents, reports, letters, and resumes of a professional calibre.

Beyond simple text editing, Microsoft Word has a wide range of functions, including as spell and grammar checking, text and font formatting, support for HTML, image integration, extensive page layout options, and more. Microsoft Word offers a wide range of tools and features to improve document production and formatting, in contrast to a plain text editor.

List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools

Here, we have compiled a list of the best top 10 free PDF to Word converter tools that you can use online. Continue reading to know about them in detail.

1. SmallPDF

1. SmallPDF List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools
  • SmallPDF, a free pdf to word converter, distinguishes itself from other online PDF to Word converters by providing limitless cloud storage and being accessible in 24 different languages.
  • The Drag & Drop tool makes it simple to convert any PDF file without sacrificing the documents’ quality, resulting in a high-quality finished product.
  • Although it offers fewer PDF editing options than other online PDF file managers, SmallPDF is browser-based and prioritises a better user experience.
  • You can swiftly convert files by dragging and dropping them into the application, and it excels at converting PDF to Word.
  • For security reasons, Smallpdf doesn’t save copies of recently processed documents.
  • SmallPDF offers membership levels like Pro and Business for improved usability and functionality.
  • Smallpdf’s capacity to execute cloud conversions, using numerous servers in the cloud specifically designed to quickly convert PDF to Word files, is its most notable feature.
  • In order to protect the security and privacy of your papers, Smallpdf has a stringent privacy policy.

2. ILovePDF

2. ILovePDF List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools
  • iLovePDF is free PDF to Word converter with cutting-edge design and a wide selection of functions.
  • The use of OCR technology, which ensures accurate and error-free file conversion, is one of its unique advantages.
  • The tool offers a number of features, including the ability to convert PDF files into editable Word documents as well as other formats like JPEG, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • In order to ensure secure file processing, iLovePDF also provides capabilities like PDF repair, an OCR tool for precise character reading, domain filtering, SSL encryption, data recovery, and document archiving.
  • With the aid of iLovePDF, users may also split, compress, and merge PDF files.
  • Users only need to choose the file, select the appropriate format, and then wait for the conversion to complete.
  • iLovePDF is a great tool that offers excellent free conversion software and a smooth user interface.
  • In addition to easily converting PDF files to different formats, it also provides a variety of processing functions, such as fixing damaged PDFs and assuring secure connections.

3. LightPDF

3. LightPDF List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools
  • A user-friendly web tool called LightPDF makes it simple to convert PDF files into formats like Word, PPT, PNG, and JPG.
  • It offers cross-platform interoperability and supports well-known browsers and operating systems like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • The conversion procedure is quick and preserves the original file’s quality without sacrificing output quality.
  • The cross-platform PDF editor LightPDF is well known for, but it also does an excellent job at converting PDF files to other formats and vice versa.
  • You may rapidly and without a watermark convert any PDF file from LightPDF into a Word document in just three simple steps.
  • This online free PDF to Word converter guarantees effective conversion regardless of the file size.
  • English, Chinese, Danish, and Finnish are just a few of the languages that LightPDF supports. It runs on Windows and Mac OS.
  • With its ease of use, speed, and dependability, LightPDF earned a covet spot on the list of best converters and is a highly recommend application for converting PDF files into Word files.

4. PDF to DOC

4. PDF to DOC List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools
  • You may quickly convert your PDF file into an editable Doc file using the simple user interface of PDF to DOC.
  • The conversion procedure is straightforward: after uploading the file and waiting for it to complete, your editable Doc file will be available in the folder of your choice on your device.
  • Since the conversion is handled by the server, no programme installation or registration is required in this online free PDF to Word converter.
  • The utility offers a simple one-page user interface that highlights all of its features, including PDF extraction, compression, merging, and conversion.
  • Notably, PDF to DOC enhances its capabilities by supporting the conversion of scanned PDF files.
  • Large PDF conversions, however, could take longer than anticipated.
  • Users can also quickly switch between features like merging or compression right from the home page.
  • Up to 20 PDF files can be upload at once to the program for conversion.

5. Nitro

5. Nitro List of Top 10 Free PDF to Word Converter Tools
  • Nitro’s 14-day free trial is the only time it is available; thereafter, money is necessary to use the programme.
  • Available for Windows desktop and internet use, Nitro online free PDF to Word converter is a handy tool for converting PDFs to Word documents.
  • It is always free to use the Nitro PDF to Word Converter online version.
  • It enables multiple file uploads and successfully converts PDFs to Word while retaining the correct text layout.
  • There can only be a maximum of five conversions each month sent to the email address provided to receive the convert file, which is rather limiting.
  • Additionally, after conversion, the file’s associated photos can be corrupt or damage.
  • By delivering the converted file immediately to the supplied email address rather than saving it on the machine, Nitro PDF to Word Converter goes above and beyond to allay concerns about document security.
  • Uploading the desired file, choosing the output format, providing the email address for delivery, and then waiting for the completed file to be transmitted are all steps in the conversion process.

6. Adobe Online

6. Adobe Online
  • Adobe is a reliable choice for converting PDF files because it is the organisation that created the format.
  • A sophisticated and comprehensive interface from Adobe makes it possible to convert PDF files quickly and effectively.
  • A free PDF to Word converter, Adobe Online provides cutting-edge character recognition technologies for precise file conversion.
  • Notably, Adobe Online is simple and convenient because it doesn’t require any programme installation.
  • The conversion method is simple: after choosing the PDF file, Adobe will start the conversion immediately and save the editable Word file in the location you specify on your device.
  • A paid version of Adobe also allows for the conversion of Microsoft 365 files, as well as the rotation, splitting, and copying of several file types, like HTML and TXT, to PDF.
  • The final editable file from Adobe is a perfect copy of the original with no word, alignment, or margin alterations.
  • Users can either drag and drop the file for conversion or click the “select a file” option on the main page for the conversion procedure to be user-friendly.

7. UniPDF

7. UniPDF
  • You can save PDF files in the DOC format with UniPDF, a free PDF to Word converter.
  • It provides dependable file security and a fast conversion rate.
  • Only three pages of PDF can be convert to Word using UniPDF’s free plan.
  • Upgrading to the commercial edition, which gives access to improved features and services, required to process additional files.
  • Although it does a good job of maintaining image quality in the output file, complex text formats may cause it problems, and it also has the ability to change font sizes, which can be frustrating.
  • UniPDF is a desktop Windows application that specialises in converting PDF files and lets you import and convert specific files that stored on your computer.
  • Most of the time, UniPDF accurately duplicates the PDF file, minimising formatting problems.
  • You can specify a range when choosing certain pages to convert by specifying the desired page numbers (for example, 4-4 to save only the fourth page as a DOC file).

8. PDF Simpli

8. PDF Simpli
  • Without requiring registration, PDF Simpli is an automated online free PDF to Word converter that converts files for free.
  • It enables for customization and editing before the conversion and uses character recognition capabilities to assure accurate file conversion.
  • PDF Simpli offers a number of other PDF processing features in addition to converting, including compression, editing, splitting, combining, and more.
  • Large file conversions, however, could lag or have difficulties.
  • Direct PDF document uploading from mobile and desktop devices supported. And conversion to Word, JPG, Excel, and PNG formats is also provided.
  • Just upload the PDF file, choose to convert it to a Word document. And then leave the conversion to the programme.
  • In general, those looking for automatic conversion, personalization possibilities, and a platform that doesn’t require signup can consider PDF Simpli.
  • It provides the ability to compress PDF files, split and combine PDF files, split PDF files into numerous formats. And add a digital signature to PDF documents.

9. PDF Converter (Free Convert)

9. PDF Converter (Free Convert)
  • PDF Converter (Free Convert) is a free PDF to Word converter.
  • It is a specialised online tool for creating Word documents from password-protected files.
  • Email registration is necessary in order to guarantee user privacy when downloading processed files.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption is used by PDF Converter to protect files while they are being processed.
  • The utility removes the user’s file from its database after completing the process.
  • Positive reviews and outcomes have contributed to the reputation of PDF Converter’s effectiveness and dependability.
  • It includes a variety of functionalities, including conversion, compression, PDF splitting and merging.
  • Users that value data privacy and need to convert password-protected files should give the tool a try.
  • Although the free plan has restrictions, PDF Converter is still a great choice for quick PDF reduction and conversion chores.

10. VancePDF

10. VancePDF
  • With only one swipe, VancePDF’s AI-powered software allows for smooth PDF to Word conversion.
  • It provides high-quality PDF processing services along with a online free PDF to Word converter.
  • Through 256-bit SSL encryption, users are assure privacy protection when uploading and processing data.
  • In a few simple clicks, it offers PDF editing, combining, modification, and conversion.
  • Although anonymity and security are where VancePDF shines, converting huge files could take slower time.
  • To produce precise conversions while maintaining styles and formatting, VancePDF uses optical character recognition technology.
  • Thanks to AI cloud computing technology, it delivers conversion that is quick, convenient, and software-free.
  • For consumers who value privacy, security, usability, and accurate PDF to Word conversions, VancePDF is a dependable alternative.


Word documents are the most used documents in work life. It is easily accessible and editable. Many people prefer Word documents over any other. A free PDF to Word converter will help you in converting your PDF files to Word files. It saves a lot of your time and gives you an accurate result. Now, there is no need to worry about transferring files from a PDF to a Word document. Above listed online free PDF to Word converter is a one-click solution.

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