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Top 10 Safest Banks In India to put your Hard-Earned Money

top Safest banks in India

In India earning money is an easy task when compared to investing or putting that Hard-Earned money in a Bank. We all always want to put our Hard Earned Money in Top Safest Banks In India.

Putting your money in Bank is the best option in India, as compared to any other option. Because Banks in India are the only risk-free option to put your Hard-Earned money.

India has a very strong banking as well as the financial sector. Total of 21 private banks, 27 public sector banks, 49 foreign banks, and much more the banking system in India consists.

Some Features Of Good And Safest Banks in India

There are many factors of selecting for a good or Top Safest Banks In India To Put Hard-Earned Money by customers.

Here’s Some Of The Point We Are Mentioning You Should Know About Selecting Most Safest Bank In India To Put Hard-Earned Money:-

  • A great reputation for withstanding economic downturns
  • Easily accessible brick and mortar branches
  • No/low minimum balance requirements
  • An extensive network of ATMs
  • Great customer service
  • Free bill payment
  • Smooth online banking
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • Free checks
  • Availability of credit and loans

Here we have created the Top 10 Safest Banks In India To Put Hard-Earned Money List:-



The Housing Development Finance Corporation or HDFC was found in 1994 in India. It is a reputed private sector bank and is one of the Safest Banks In India. HDFC Bkan’s Headquater is located in Mumbai. HDFC is a company with more than 88,000 permanent employees.

Currently, the total number of branches of HDFC is nearly 4,800 branches and almost 12,000 ATMs are there across major parts of the country. What services does HDFC give to its customers? The Answer is HDFC offers many services to its customers like a savings account, personal loans, credit cards, car loans, consumer financial services, and forex cards. HDFC Banks is a prominent choice for opening salary accounts.


AXIS BANK was founded in 1993 in Ahmedabad, Gujrat as a part of the financial services offered by UTI and it is also the third-largest private sector bank in India. Services that AXIS Banks offer to its customers are- consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, finance and insurance, investment banking, private equity, mortgage loans, wealth management, and more.

AXIS Bank offers:- savings accounts, credit cards, fixed deposits, and personal loans, which can be accessed and operated online too. Axis Bank has more than 3000 Branches in India and over 13,000 ATMs.


Good customer service was the only thing which this Bank was looking and promising and now it looks like it’s gone to the dogs. Since when the IDFC Bank has become IDFC First Bank, its services have taken a hit.


SBI or State Bank Of India is a government-owned bank, it was founded on 2nd June 1806. It is one of the oldest Banks present in India. SBI services include corporate banking, consumer banking, investment banking, finance and insurance, credit cards, home loans, car loans, mortgage loans, private banking, savings, securities, private equity, wealth management, and asset management.


BoB or Bank Of Baroda is a state-owned bank. The headquarters of this bank is present in Baroda (Vadodara) in Gujarat. Indian Government nationalized the Bank Of Baroda On July 19, 1969, after which the bank came under the category of a PSU (profit-making public sector undertaking).


Punjab National Bank is a one-stop destination for your all banking needs. Services of PNB include savings account, loans, and credit cards. Punjab National Bank also offers internet banking, mobile banking, and SMS banking. PNB is another state-owned bank, headquarter of PNB is present in New Delhi.


One of the popular private banks of India is ICICI Bank. ICICI was founded in June 1994 in Vadodara by Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation Of India, in 2014 ICICI was in the second position in terms of highest assets and third position in terms of market capitalization. Apart from India, ICICI is also present in 18 more countries. More than 8,700 Branches and over 14,000 ATMs are operated under ICICI Bank all over the country.


Canara Bank is one of the oldest and largest public banks and it was established in Mangalore in 1906 by Ammembal Subba Rao Pai. The headquarters of this bank is present in Bengaluru. In 1969 the Indian Government nationalized the bank. Products and services which are included in Canara Bank Consumer banking, commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, private banking, mortgage, credit cards, asset management, and pensions.


IDBI or Industrial Development Bank Od India is a public sector bank, which was founded in July 1964. In Mumbai the headquarters of the Bank is present. IDBI Bank services include corporate banking, consumer banking, investment banking, finance and insurance, private banking, mortgage loans, private equity, and agriculture loans.


Bank Of India (BOI) founded in 1906 is a commercial bank and is one of the top five nationalized banks most trusted and Safest Banks In India. Like every other bank BOI too has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Online Payment and Mobile banking is also the convenience of Bank. Bank Of India has over 5000 Branches across the country. The motive of the Bank of India was to serve all Indian Communities.

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