20 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas that you would love

bachelorette party ideas

The bachelorette party is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of getting married for any bride-to-be! How about planning this weekend? Guzzle – someone help. The MOH and party planners must ensure that not only the bachelorette, but also the entire bride tribe has a great time. 

For some planning inspiration, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite bachelorette party ideas. Whether it’s fun activities, unique details, or helpful apps, we’ve got some great ideas for the perfect bachelorette party!

1. Snag cute party pins for the whole I Do Crew

Alright y’all, how ADORABLE are these bachelorette party pins?! Our bride tribe loves these simple, cute party favors. You can also choose from a variety of other fun shapes and themes if wine isn’t your thing.

2. Dress up the party pad with Pinterest-worthy decorations 

There is no need for naughty bachelorette party decorations or accessories anymore. Consider prettier, Pinterest-worthy décor that the Future Mrs. will not be embarrassed to show her grandma. We love pretty banners, tissue paper tassel garlands, and balloons, of course!

3. Stay in a house instead of a hotel 

The whole group could stay together at a house your group rents through Airbnb or HomeAway instead of a hotel. Additionally, you’ll get other benefits, such as a kitchen, perfect for stocking up on snacks, or even a pool you can fill with all the swan floats you’d like.

4. Work up a sweat with a private spin class  

Sweat it out at your favorite cycling studio before the wedding with a private spin class! If you want to make it even more festive, request a bachelorette party-themed ride with songs like Drunk in Love and Single Ladies. Before partying, the bride-to-be will love burning a few calls. Where should you book? Almost all cycling studios offer private classes – just ask! The Rush Cycle in San Diego, KRANK in Nashville, and Love Cycle Studio in Austin are our favorites in the area.

5. Pick a theme – and fun phrase – for all the party swag  

Party favors, accessories, and decorations are the best ways to make a bachelorette weekend feel special. Where does all the fun stuff come from? Create a fun party theme and coordinating phrase to tie everything together!

6. Include hangover survival kits in the guest gift bags

What’s the biggest buzzkill at a bachelorette party? Friday night left me with a killer hangover. Give each guest a hangover kit with recovery essentials like Advil, tums, makeup wipes, and breath mints in a cute bag. Make sure the hotel or house has plenty of water and Gatorade. Beer is one of the main reasons for people hangover. As these days, people want more than their average drinking beer. They want something that packs flavor with a decent ABV. This is one of the many reasons why stout beer alone will be worth over $15 billion by 2027. So, try best food with stout beer whenever you plan your next bachelorette party.

7. Use apps like Splitwise or Venmo to easily split costs 

It is no longer necessary to spend 30 minutes after dinner figuring out how much everyone owes (THANK GOD). Last but not least, there are apps like Venmo and Splitwise that make splitting costs easier. Splitwise allows you to track expenses throughout the weekend and calculate how much each person owes – and to whom – at the end of the weekend. Genius!

8. Go to a drag show brunch: Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you planning a bachelorette party in a big city? Most of them offer drag show brunches – a fun twist on your typical brunch. Voss Events in New York, Miami Beach, or LA, or Suzy Wong in Nashville, Senor Frogs in Vegas.

9. Help the bachelorette stand out with must-have accessories for the bride

A special party cup or sash just for the bride-to-be will make her feel extra special. If you must, make her stand out from all the others – it is her final fling!

10. Hire a photographer: Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hire a professional photographer to capture one of the days or evenings of the party – the pictures will be so worth it! Afterwards, surprise the bride-to-be with a framed photo of the whole group… she’ll love the keepsake of all her girlfriends 🙂

11. Style the I Do Crew with classy, cute party accessories 

You can make a bachelorette party memorable (and feel a little different than just a girls’ getaway) by providing festive party accessories and favors for the bride tribe. Whatever you wear for your bachelorette party accessories, you won’t regret getting one or two.

12. Play bachelorette party games that don’t suck: Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party game done right can be a total blast! What about another fun activity? Fun summer bachelorette games – Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss!

13. Book a stretch limo or party bus (bonus points if it’s pink!): Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you want to take the party to the next level, hire a stretch limo or party bus to transport the bride tribe! Limos are a great way to make a regular weekend feel a bit more special. When budgeting, expect to pay between $100 – $180 per hour plus tip for these wheels.

14. Create a shared, iCloud photo album for the weekend: Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s simple and easy, but it’s a total must! After taking a photo, instead of texting it to the group, create a shared, iCloud album that everyone can add to. In addition to this being convenient, the bride-to-be will enjoy reliving her weekend-long experience after the wedding.

15. Put together a bachelorette bubbly bar with a signature drink for the bride-to-be

You can’t have a bachelorette party without some yummy refreshments! Set up a bar with all the fixings to make bloody marys, mimosas, or margaritas.

16. Book a specialty cooking class and have the chef come to you 

Looking for a low-key, but fun activity for one of your bachelorette party nights? Take a private cooking class! There are companies like My Cooking Party that offer cooking lessons at your home, where the chef comes to you. Our I Do Crew will love learning some pro-cooking tips!

17. Create a playlist with the bachelorette’s favorite party jams: Bachelorette Party Ideas

A party isn’t complete without a great playlist! Add some of the bride-to-be’s favorite songs to the bachelorette party playlist. The I Do Crew will be thrilled to have jams to party to all weekend long. She’ll love the extra, personal touch.

18. Avoid drink mix-ups with cabana boy drink markers

Bachelorette parties only allow boys? Drinking buddies in Speedos! To avoid drink mix-ups, these cute drink markers have each got a different name and speedo color.

19. Destress with a private yoga class

Consider booking a private yoga class for Saturday morning. In addition to destressing and relaxing, the bride-to-be will love getting a good sweat in before going out for the evening!

20. Create a custom Snapchat filter: Bachelorette Party Ideas

The idea is fantastic! With a custom Snapchat filter created just for the weekend, you can take your Snapchat to the next level. Details like this make a bachelorette party great.

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