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The Dark Realty of Punjab And Drugs: Why We Need to Take Action Now!

Punjab drugs problem arises

The word “Punjab” is derived from two Persian words: “Panj” meaning “five” and “aab” meaning “water.” When combined, “Panj-aab” translates to “Land of Five Waters” or “Land of Five Rivers.” The name refers to the historical region in South Asia through which the five rivers, namely the Beast, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, and Sutlej, flow. These rivers have played a significant role in shaping the geography, agriculture, and cultural heritage of the region.

Punjab surely has some rich Heritage but still a serious problem exists in Punjab that is of Drugs.

Report by The Wire States that (15%) in Punjab are currently dependent on addictive substances, both licit and illicit. 

The serious issue is that the youth, which is said to be our country’s future, is mostly involved in this shameful habit of consuming drugs 

Hopefully one day they realise and Stop engaging themselves in this act.

Now, one would surely say there must be reasons for such open use of Drugs in the state.

Yes there are reasons for this.

Reasons why Youth of Punjab  is so much involved in Drugs and Alcohol

1. Geographical location:

Punjab shares a border with the neighboring country of Pakistan, which is known to be a major transit point for drug trafficking from Afghanistan, one of the largest producers of opium and heroin in the world. The proximity to drug-producing regions has made it easier for drugs to enter Punjab.

2. Socioeconomic factors: 

Punjab has experienced rapid economic and social changes over the years, including the decline of traditional agricultural practices and the subsequent rise of unemployment and economic disparities. 

These socio-economic factors have created an environment of frustration, hopelessness among the youth, making them more vulnerable to drug abuse  and alcohol consumption as a means of escape or coping mechanism which causes people regularly taking these things and it becomes their habit to use to escape from any situation.

3. Cultural influences: 

Punjab has a rich cultural heritage, including a tradition of alcohol consumption. 

Over time, this cultural acceptance of substance use has extended to drugs as well.

 The influence of Punjabi music and movies, which often depict drug use, has further normalized and glamorized drug culture among the youth.

4. Lack of awareness and education:

Inadequate awareness about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse, coupled with a lack of proper drug education programs, has contributed to the vulnerability of Punjab’s youth.

Many young people may experiment with drugs without fully understanding the potential risks and consequences which causes them to be addicted to the harmful substance.

5. Weak law enforcement: 

In the past, there have been reports of drug smuggling and distribution networks operating with relative impunity in certain areas of Punjab. 

Weak law enforcement and corruption have hindered efforts to effectively tackle the drug problem, allowing it to persist and flourish.

6. Peer pressure and social networks:

Peer pressure plays a significant role in shaping behaviors and choices, including drug abuse and consumption of alcohol.

The desire to fit in, be accepted, or seek social connections can lead young people to experiment with drugs. 

Additionally, social networks and contacts within the drug subculture can expose individuals to drugs and make it difficult to break free from the cycle of addiction.

They do it to make cool but look a actual fool.

7. Migration:

 Punjab has a significant population of people who have migrated to foreign countries, particularly to countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The diaspora community, often disconnected from their cultural roots, may face challenges of identity, isolation, and cultural clashes, which can make them more susceptible to drug abuse.

8. Easy availability and affordability:

Drugs, particularly synthetic drugs like heroin, opium, and pharmaceutical opioids, are relatively easy to obtain and affordable in Punjab. 

The presence of drug markets and networks, combined with weak law enforcement, has facilitated the availability of drugs, making them accessible to the youth.

9. Family and social dynamics: 

Family and social dynamics can also contribute to drug abuse among youth. Factors such as dysfunctional family environments, broken families, domestic violence, and emotional distress can push individuals towards drug use as a form of self-medication or escape

Most of the youth to escape from family problems go in this loop of harmful addiction.

10. Lack of comprehensive drug prevention programs: 

The implementation of comprehensive drug prevention programs in educational institutions and communities has been inconsistent in Punjab. 

Inadequate emphasis on preventive education, early intervention, and counseling programs has contributed to a lack of awareness and knowledge about the risks associated with drug abuse.

Measures which can be taken to avoid youth from taking Drugs:

1. Rehabilitation Centre:

Punjab has already established 170 drugs rehabilitation centres. 

But the State needs more rehabilitation centres because people are not stopping from using this substance.

People are surely aware but they are struck in loop and a rehabilitation centre can surely break this loop of drugs.

2. Drug Seizures: 

The Punjab Police and other law enforcement agencies have been making efforts to combat drug trafficking and seize illegal substances. 

In 2020, the police reported seizing drugs worth over INR 1,000 crores. 

But these drug Seizures inititative need more implementation with proper steps.

3. Involvement of Parents:

For preventing youth to take such harmful substance and destroy their lives 

Parents should make sure that they talk to children about harms that  drugs can cause.

Also if Parents notice any changes in their children’s body language they should consult an expert as soon as possible.

4. Awareness and Counseling Programs: 

Governments should organize weekly awareness programmes related to drugs telling people the harms this substance can cause.

Also if anyone is addicted to the Substance their counseling should be done to make his/her life better.

5. Strict Law Enforcement: 

Strengthen law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking and distribution networks. 

The tactic of fear works  the best. If anyone even thinks of  buying drugs he will surely think of the punishment he/she will get so need to work on strengthening the laws. 

6. Collaboration and Partnerships:

Foster collaboration and partnerships among government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, community organizations, and NGOs can surely be the best way to guide people about what they are doing with their life

Drugs,Alcohol are harmful substances which can cause lifelong threats.

It’s important to be aware of its causes.

Government surely is trying their best but as an Individual, as a society we also need to take some steps to prevent our youth or be it anyone to stop them from going in this loop.

If you know someone with an addiction, try helping them.

And if you yourself is going through this don’t feel low yes leaving this will be tough but it’s worth trying.

Just take a step and see the magic.

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