How to Get the Best Value from Your 4×4

4x4 Off Road SUV on snowy mountain

The automotive industry isn’t quite what it used to be, times are changing and whereas automotive used to be top of the list when it comes to emerging industries, tech has taken over which see’s the automotive industry losing value, a little. However, if you own a 4×4 then you’re in luck because, there are some alterations you can get done that, number one, would mean you have more fun and, number two, it will be worth more should want to sell it later down the line;

The purpose of a 4×4

Given the original purpose behind 4×4’s, clearly the way in which most 4×4’s are used today has changed somewhat from what they were first designed for. When they were invented nearly a century ago, they were, back then, mainly produced for the Army.

The idea was, that soldiers would use 4×4’s as a tool to add to their belt in the sense that they were machines, designed for heavy, off-road purposes, hard graft, an extra 2 wheels of drive and tonnes of torque to help them get out of deep, steep or, sticky situations, as and when they needed to. They were, essentially, to get people into and out of trouble again, as required. 

Add some value 

With that in mind, it may surprise you to know that amongst all of the new age, hi-tech, do everything for you, and then some 4×4’s you see on the roads, the most valuable machines are those that aren’t ‘pristine’ and, they don’t make you look like a footballer, or the wife of. 

They look a little different to what you might be used to seeing, they are true 4×4’s that pay homage to their ancestry. You can check out some examples online and, even if some are used for pottering around the local village, doing school runs and maybe the odd sight of an incline the point is that, they look, feel and are actually more capable than they were when they first rolled out of the factory. 

To make a difference, you’ve got to do something

If you already own a 4×4 then great news, you can upgrade to your heart’s content, if you don’t already own one, then that’s even better news because, you’re a blank canvas. Hopefully the motor is too, but you can always make changes to it, here are some of the best changes you could make to help you get the most out of your 4×4;


Everybody who owns a motor vehicle should have some training or knowledge surrounding the importance of the correct tyres for the job. It’s a serious matter that takes many lives each year and could be avoided or, at least greatly improved the drivers’ chances of not crashing into something. The wrong tires can mean that your car or 4×4 may as well be on an ice rink, that can be said for big chunky tyres with loads of tread or, for slicks with what appears to be no grip at all.

As it happens, big tyres that have loads of tread aren’t very good at all on tarmac, in fact they’re about as much use as Cryptocurrency with no Blockchain. Whereas something like a pair of slicks with no visible tread would be pointless off road but, on tarmac, once warmed up can keep a vehicle almost stuck to the road like glue, nothing can match them. 

Make sure you know your tyres, they are the only thing between your rims and the earth, yes, they are that important. You should spend what you can reasonably afford on tires, don’t skrimp unless you absolutely have to.

Winch and lift kits

Agreed, most people won’t ever need to use a winch or lift when it comes to their everyday life, but it can’t get much more 4×4 than having one of these beauties on the front of your beast. They were fitted as a safety feature to help people get themselves out of trouble, equally, they were also fitted to rescue vehicles in order to help get others out of trouble so, forget, it will never happen to me. Maybe it won’t but, if you get a winch fitted then you could help to prevent it happening to someone else. 

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