Rolls Royce hits record-breaking sales in 117 years

Rolls Royce hits record-breaking sales

2021 has been a significant year for automobiles, with Rolls Royce hitting record-breaking sales in 117 years. The highest-ever annual sales report discloses that the carmaker has delivered 5,586 cars. 

How did Rolls Royce hit record-breaking sales?

The Ghost scoops the credit for Rolls Royce, hitting record-breaking sales in 117 years. Ensured bookings of the third quarter of 2022 are possible with the surging demands in October 2021 for the new Black Badge Ghost combined with the need for Cullinan SUV and the Phantom. 

Torsten Müller-Ötvös Rolls Royce CEO said, “This has been a truly historic year for Rolls Royce Motor Cars. In the past 12 months, we have recorded our highest-ever annual sales, launched the latest addition to our Black badge family, stunned the world with our coachbuilding capabilities and made huge strides into our all-electric future. As always, it has been made possible by the dedication and commitment of the extraordinary people at the Home of Rolls Royce, our international team and our global dealer network. I wish to extend my thanks and congratulations to each and every one of them: it is my privilege and pleasure to work alongside them every day.” 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Rolls Royce sales regions included The United States, Asia-Pacific, Greater China, and across the globe. 

CEO Ötvös said, “2021 was a Phenomenal year for Rolls-Royce. We delivered more cars than at any time in the marque’s 117-year history with unprecedented demand for all products in every global market.”

What is next for Rolls Royce?

In 2021, Rolls Royce announced the launch of its first-ever all-electric car – Spectre. The process has already begun to introduce the Spectre EV in the market by the fourth quarter of 2023. 

The much-awaited Spectre has gone 25-lakh kilometres of testing globally, equivalent to 400 years of use. 

Rolls Royce is also set to employ a record 37 new apprentices in September 2022. The company is actively investing in its manufacturing plant to produce electric vehicles. 

The year-long wait has increased impatient buyers opting for the company’s Provenance program. 

The £20 million two-of-kind Boat Tail is an ultra-exclusive coach-built set to be a permanent fixture in the Rolls Royce portfolio. 

The exceptional sales figure in 2022 has led Rolls Royce to expand its production at the Goodwood site. Given the record sales, the Goodwood site in Sussex is currently running at total capacity.

Why did Rolls Royce hit record-breaking sales?

Rolls Royce CEO said many customers had “witnessed in their community people dying from COVID and that made them think that life can be short and you’d better live now.”

The Rolls Royce is an asset that will never produce more than 10,000 cars per year. 

The pandemic, along with travel restrictions, led the company’s clients to accumulate more wealth. While the global semiconductor shortage crippled sales and production, Rolls Royce managed to hit record-breaking sales. 

The usually chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce sees a surge in younger clientele who prefer to get behind the wheel themselves. 

In Conclusion,

While Rolls Royce hit record-breaking sales in 2021, they would not be chasing volumes. Nevertheless, the Goodwood plant has 2,00 employees currently working two-shift patterns to meet the rising demand. 

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